Thinking Out Questions?

Since I’m feeling a bit rusty with the whole blogging thing after my little break, how about you guys give me a free pass and I just jump in on Amanda’s link up with some Thursday randomness? Yeah? Sound good? Can we get started now?

Quest Bar Selfie

1a. How…seriously HOW could this be my LAST cookies & cream Quest bar? 1b. And why did it have to be chocked FULL of chunks that made me want to run to the computer and order five thousand boxes even though I have a million other bars I need to eat? 1c. How’s that for a good run-on sentence that’s not really a sentence at all since it started with a fragment? 😉


2a. Why did I honestly think these were going to tasted the way I imagined? For the record, they taste like butter…straight up BUTTER! 2b. Maybe they shoulda called ’em Paula Dean-os? 2c. Am as funny as I sometimes think I am?


3a. Do you think having FIVE different bags of coffee open at once is a bit much? 3a. Or the fact that I practically drooled all over myself after I spotted a few of these babies at Publix the other day? 3b. Who’s with me in the fact that life is totally unfair since my store only carries THREE out of all those flavors they have?

Yoga in the Park - Wheel

4a. How many trips to the park, weird glances from strangers, and bugs up my nose do you think it’ll take to get my flexibility back after being out the yoga studio for nearly three months? 4b. Would the extra protein from the bugs be enough to be considered a post-workout supplement? 4c. DID YOU SEE CARLY EAT A BUG?? 😯

Sunset 4

5a. How AMAZING is this sunset? 5b. Does it make you think of my favorite Portugal. The Man song? 5c. Did you know that I’m going to fall at their knees at Loufest this weekend??

Oh and speaking of the festival…? 😉

6a. Did you know Glass Animals is gonna be there? 6b. Have you HEARD this song? 6c. Is it crazy that since I found it two weeks ago, I’ve played it about three times a day EVERY day??

7. Did you know I have this weird thing about ending lists with sixes?

Now I think it’s time I passed the torch…give ME some questions!!


And then hop on over to Spoons and show our hostess a little love! 😀

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