My Week in HighBITES

Happy Monday, blogworld!

I’m popping in again for another round of Week in Review with Meg and all the gang to share with you guys the highBITES of my week…you know, like highlights, only tastier! ūüėČ


Jason and I could not WAIT for last Monday to get here.¬†Since¬†we knew the cold weather would be moving in, we were¬†looking forward to a good lazy day at home. The ONLY thing on the agenda was to heat up some leftover soup and break out the ingredients for mulled wine that I’ve been hoarding since my birthday last year.

Mulled Wine

After a few hours in the crock pot, the house was smelling ahhhhhmazing! We took ride on a wine-scented cloud and made our way into the kitchen. We ladled out two mugs,¬†tipped our glasses, took a second to document on Instagram, and…? Curled up our lips and scrunched up our noses. BUT!! Luckily I didn’t pour it out because after it cooled overnight, we tried it again and it was GREAT!¬†Who’d’ve¬†thunk it?

The next day was not only cold but rainy, but it was the perfect day to start reading a new book because I!

Blood Sucking Fiends Book

Jason found this when we were moving him in and told me it was a good read, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so freaking hilarious! I can’t remember ever reading a book that had me laughing out loud so much. And as a slow reader, I shocked the hell out of myself by finishing it in a day!

Sidenote: You have NO idea how excited I was once I realized this book fit perfectly with the theme of this post. Lol

When it came time to make something for dinner, I could barely be bothered. I needed something quick and easy. At first, I was thinking Asian, but once I got to pulling stuff out of the fridge, I was overcome with a need for comfort food (could have been the fact that¬†this was the first time all day that I’d come out from under my blanket on the couch). And what screams comfort more than food swimming in a pot of gravy?!

Chicken & Veggies in Garlic Sauce

Chicken, mushrooms, celery, carrots, and shallots all mixed and mingling with half a jar of Trader Joe’s garlic cooking and simmer sauce, some wine, and a bit of flour to thicken it up…hit THE spot!

Selfie with Gizmo

On Wednesday, I finally left the house! I went to visit my mom and my newly adopted baby brother. For all you who don’t follow me on Instagram (which is a shame indeed), Gizmo is the newest addition to the family. He’s a chihuahua terrier mix with all the energy that comes with both breeds. In other words, it took 23956 tries to get this photo. ūüėČ

Mom and I shared the last of the leftover soup that I had made over the weekend using the rest of the broth from the gumbo I made, some chicken, veggies, and Israeli couscous.¬†Think chicken noodle soup…with a Cajun flare. Have any of you guys ever¬†eaten¬†Israeli couscous? I’ve had a thing of it in my pantry for umm…two years? and just tried it for the first time and it’s fantastic! It’s great in soup because it soaks up all the flavor.

Chicken Curry & Veggies over Rice

When I got home later that night, I whipped up a quick curry-ish dish for dinner. I forgot to¬†snap a pic because it was one of those,¬†I’m gonna chew my arm off if I don’t get this food in my mouth NOW kinda moments, but it looked similar to this chicken and veggie curry I made last year…only it was saucier and served with bulgur.

Blue Moon Pumpkin Beer

On Thursday, I was feeling thurstay! Sorry, I had to! ūüėȬ†

While whipping up dinner with Jason, I cracked open a bottle of Blue Moon pumpkin ale that I’d been saving and HOLY CRAP! That’s some damn good beer! It’s so smooth and not overly spicy like most¬†pumpkin/fall ales tend to be.

Pork Chops in Mushroom Wine Sauce

There’s something to be said about a meal made¬†together as a couple (while dancing around the kitchen with your respective alcoholic beverages). This meal is going down as one of my favorites to date. Pork chops in a mushroom gravy sauce with mushrooms and shallots, roasted kabocha, and Jason’s green beans with bacon and potatoes. Unpictured: some fantastic Italian bread that I picked up on the clearance rack at the grocery store.

Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

On Friday, I woke up and made a HUGE batch of bacon cheeseburger soup for us to eat on over the weekend (in addition to all the other leftovers…like seriously, who am I?!). I started looking at this recipe. Then this one. Then I went off and did my own thing entirely, but it came out pretty good¬†if I do say so myself. Like a creamy potato soup with little burger bits in it!

Now if you don’t mind me, I’m gonna slip down¬†to slumber town. My work week(end) is done and I’m ready to start putting the finishing touches on our¬†menu for Thanksgiving! We’ll be celebrating with my family on Wednesday and Jason’s on Thursday and I’ve got a LOT of stuff to make…I’ve already been to the store THREE times¬†to buy ingredients…and I’m pretty sure I’ll be¬†making at least one more trip before it’s all said and done. Oy!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday…or for those not celebrating, Thursday! I’ll see you next week for a little recap of it all! ūüėÄ

What was your best BITE last week?

What’s on the menu for Turkey Day?

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All Work & Then Play!

Happy Monday peoples!

So I was taking a step back the other day and realized that somewhere along the line, between¬†all the unpacking, cleaning, sorting, organizing, and REorganizing to be had in several rooms of this¬†house of mine ours, that¬†I’ll be damned if it hasn’t¬†all come together quite nicely. After several days of¬†back (and nearly toe) -breaking labor (no comment), I did a complete 180 (complete with jazz hands) and let loose for the weekend.


Heck,¬†if¬†I’m getting all dance-y this early on in the game, I might as well throw down a little Week in Review alongside¬†Meg today. If you didn’t know, Meghan happens to be¬†the queen bee when it comes to getting shit done, tooting her own horn, and¬†dancing along to the beat, and I love her for every bit of it. So how about it? Let’s jive!

Ham Soup

On Monday night, I logged in an extra shift at work in order to finagle the following¬†weekend off. After ten long hours, I carried my zombie butt home and snoozed for a handful of hours on Tuesday morning before migrating to the couch where I spent¬†the rest of the day¬†cuddled up with my love marathoning¬†Walking Dead (We’re starting over at the beginning since I’ve¬†only ever seen season one)…though I did take a long enough ¬†break to¬†throw half the fridge into a pot and called it soup!

Chicken Dish & Wine

On Wednesday, I was up bright and early-ish for day one of Mission: Make Sense of This House which in the beginning started as a never-ending, swallow-you-up-like-a-black-hole sort of task. Somehow, I managed to cook for two days in a row (I’m a maniac I tell ya!) and whipped up this chicken and pasta dish that started with Trader Joe’s garlic simmer sauce and cream cheese and ended in pure and utter deliciousness that was washed down with TWO¬†glasses of wine (thankyouverymuch).

Thursday, I was back to the grind. More or less my standard process with these sort of¬†things. Start to organize a room, realize I need/forgot something from another room, get sidetracked, end up lost in an abyss of boxes and piles of junk, crawl into a corner in a random closet, try in vain to hide from it all, figure there’s no way it’s all going to get done¬†on its own, and set¬†back to work on aforementioned room.¬†I’ll tell you, it’s a bit of a cycle, but obviously it works because in two days¬†the garage went from this…

Garage Mess

To this!

Garage Organized

BAM! Uh huh, you see that tool rack hanging on the wall in the background? I hung¬†that all my myself I did…with a drill! ūüėÄ

Bubble Bath

After that,¬†my body went into self-preservation (slash reward system) mode. I spent a luxurious half hour in a nice hot bubble bath complete with bunny ears¬†and Bronze Radio Return streaming in the background. Oh do I love me some unintentional alliteration. ūüėČ


Though I had intended for Friday to be¬†more of a laid-back day, the cleaning/sorting bug was still giving me the itch so I went even further and organized under both bathroom sinks and the linen closet. In case you were wondering, my go-to¬†strategy¬†is “Storm Before the Calm”. Like I told Jason, it only matters that ‘I’ know what’s going on in the middle of it all. “Trussssssst in meeeee!

Flying Saucer - Beer Flight & FriesI worked like that all the way up until time for us to leave. Where were we headed? Well, first we met our friends for some flights and fries at the Flying Saucer (hot damn, I did it again!) and then we were off to Nashville to see one of my favorite bands, Little Hurricane. Ahhh, remember them? How about they put on one FANTASTIC show! And? We actually caught them in the staircase on the way out and were able to tell them just how awesome we thought they were. I totally played it cool. Yep, totally.

Happy Meal

Saturday afternoon we were out¬†for another adventure! Meet back up¬†with friends. Travel four and a half hours by car. Stop on the way to get my go-to¬†road food. Sidetone: Did you know McDonald’s has brought back happy meal boxes…actual BOXES?! I haven’t seen these since I was a kid!¬†Park in Covington, KY (just across the river from Cincinnati) and dance/jump/sing our asses off to the sickest tunes that only Robert Delong can produce. After the show, I was literally out of breath. It was that intense. Oh and then, before we left, I almost passed out when this happened…

Selfie with Robert Delong

That is Jason AND ME with ROBERT DE-FREAKING-LONG!!!! Do you see that?! We’re touching him! Like actually touching him! Oh yeah, I totally kept my cool. All the way up to when¬†I found myself only capable of asking if I could have a hug…luckily,¬†my friends helped me get an¬†autograph.

And with that, I’m right back to another Monday. This time fully relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on another week! This time with less cleaning, more relaxing, and lots of hugging on our monkeys¬†when we go visit. Hope you guys have a great start to YOUR week.

Tell me, how did you get your R&R this weekend?

What are you looking forward to most this week?

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October: Brought To You By The Letter “M”

Oh…um…hi? Good MORNING!

I know what you’re thinking…and I’m truly sorry for leaving you guys hanging for the last ¬†MONTH, BUT by¬†the end of this post, I think you’ll understand. It’s time for another¬†“Currently” post so I won’t waste anymore time…though I guess this will¬†be more like¬†a “Catch You Upper-ly”, won’t it? ūüėČ

Selfie Red Lips

How ’bout we start with my bomb-digging MAKEUP? You’re gonna have to allow me a MOMENT¬†of vanity here. Sorry I’m not sorry¬†MODEST, but when I got all gussied up to go out with the besties last week, I couldn’t help but feel like my eyeliner and lip combo was on POINT! And in case you’re wondering, yes, that’s MORE¬†Rocksbox jewelry.

Current Confession:

What I’ve been doing for the last thirty days issss…

Cleaning and packing and cleaning and unpacking and cleaning and having several emotional¬†breakdowns and cleaning and MOVING Jason into my house!!! I should clarify that the mental breakdowns were not due in any part to him actually moving in, just dealing with the stress of it all and ugh…trying to figure out where to put everything. Yeah, no comment on that at the moment.

Current Book:

Clash of Kings Book & Breakfast

In between boxes and scrub brushes, I’ve been¬†letting my MIND¬†run away (since my legs are too tired to even consider such a thing) with Mr. George R.R.¬†MARTIN. Damn, he writes a good book! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to the second book in the Game of Thrones series. Luckily, I haven’t forgotten too much.

Current Music:

MODEST MOUSE. Yes, they’ve been around forever, but they’re still going strong. I got¬†to see them in Nashville this month and they were awesome! And I haven’t been able to get this tune out of my head. How coincidental…he’s MOVING too!

Current Guilty Pleasure:

English Muffin Addiction

So, let’s talk about my good friend E. Muff.¬†Oh yeah, betcha didn’t know Thomas was a gansta¬†grain, huh? Well, not everyone knows, but after¬†meeting for breakfast nearly every day for a¬†month, I’d say we’re pretty tight now. He tells me things. I call him the

Current Entertainment:

Painting Pottery

It feels like ages ago, but Jason and I had the MONKEYS the first weekend of the month for their fall break. It went wayyyyy too fast, but we MANAGED¬†to fit in a lot! We had some great days with those two and we even got to check the last thing off our summer to-do list (just a few months late)…painting pottery!

Current Wish/Needs:

Storage totes! Markers! Labeling Strips! MUST ORGANIZE ALL THE SHIT!!
But first…a MASSAGE!

Current Food:

Meatballs & Mushroom Gravy

I was pretty¬†proud of myself when we had the girls with us. I cooked not once, not twice, but FOUR times¬†in five days! And I may or may not have shed a tear when everyone went back for¬†seconds of¬†my grandmother’s MEATBALLS¬†in MUSHROOM gravy recipe.

Current Drink:

Pumpkin Coffee Keurig

Everyone, I’d like you to MEET Kevin. Kevin travels all the way from Jason’s apartment and was the first to get settled into the new house (because…priorities). Oh yeah, and that’s the¬†MUG I painted with the girls. ūüėÄ

Current Triumphs:

 The fact that due to outside forces, most of the MOVING (and cleaning) for the month occurred within the last week and a half AND we finished a whole day early.


Also? I’m starting to turn my black thumb green! I MADE¬†something grow, y’all!!

Current Bane of Existence: 

Tom the Toolshed

So¬†remember my little toolshed? Yeah, how about a tool nightMARE! First,¬†it wasn’t delivered when it was supposed to be. It came a week late. Then it wasn’t straight. Then¬†it wasn’t level. THEN I wanted to pull every¬†fucking hair out of my head!!! Sorry, got a little flash back from¬†emotional breakdown #271 there. Ok, I’m recovered. But god am I glad that’s over.

Current Blogger Crush:

MEGHAN! Oh my gosh, can I just say this woman made my day with her glorious apple pie pancakes that were inspired by my Zucchini Bread Pancakes? Because she made my day. There, I said it again. While I was oogling her amazing pancake shots, I started realizing how much I miss her pretty little face.

Current Indulgence: 

Besties & Pizza

Carving out time in this MANIACAL month¬†to slow it down and savor some time with the besties…and this insanely delicious cheese bread from Blackhorse, our local brewery.

Current Blessing:

So MANY! My dad for helping level out the toolshed. My mom for being there for moral support. My girls for teaching me how wonderful it is to be a mom. My besties for helping me get away. And…

Me & Jason Selfie

My man for giving me a reason to hurry back home…to OUR home!

Current Outfit:

Well, since I’m typing this up on Thursday night just hours after loading up the last box…PJ’s and a MUCH-NEEDED¬†bucket of hot water with epsom salt under my feet.

Current Excitement:

Somehow, over the last month or so, I’ve started to¬†get the hang of this whole decorating thing. Slowly but surely, this house is coming together room by room. Guess I just needed someone to claim some space to help me out a bit. Now if only I had a little more space. Lol.

Current Link:¬†and¬†because? Easy at-home shopping with¬†free in-store returns! ūüėČ

Current Mood:

MOTIVATED...that is after the my MUSCLES get the memo.

When’s the last time you MOVED?

What have you been up to this MONTH? Did you MISS me??

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