Fifty Shades of February

Umm, hi? 8O

Yeah, sorry about going MIA on you guys, but you know, it really did me some good to unplug a bit for the last week. After a week of being cooped up in the house (so not the same as seasonal hermitting…which is a CHOICE!), I finally got a chance to be free and see the world last Thursday…oh, ok, so I really just went to see Fifty Shades of Grey with the besties, but seriously, that night out really helped turn things around for me.

As winter ekes out its final punishing days, it’s had me tied down to a bed of emotions. Ohh, see what I did there? ;) I swear I’ve been through the five stages of grief about ten times this month, but now, after a week off to recharge and regroup, I’m back to feeling like myself and it’s a good thing because it’s time for my favorite post of the month!


We’ll start our “Currently” things off with a little rewind selfie circa 3 BS (before Snowpocalypse) when I was nothing but curls smiles. ;)

Current Book:

One good thing about being stuck in the house most of the month is that it has set off my inner bookworm. On the few days I was able to make it out of the house, I either went to the grocery store or the library…aka, my top two “happy places”. Along with boosting my slow-reader self-esteem with some young adult fiction (Four by Veronica Roth, If I Stay and the sequel Where She Went, by Gayle Forman), I’ve also been browsing the foodie aisles as well…

Library Books

Must eat read ALL THE BOOKS!
PS, my own copy of the World Cheese Book “currently” resides on my coffee table. ;)

Current Music:

“Inhaler” by Foals. Seriously, I’ve been playing it nonstop since I found their album at the library two weeks ago.

Library - Music

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Thank you to the contributors to my library’s audio collection for not only having superb taste in indie music but for enhancing my own music library without me having to spend a dime! Muahah! <-You didn’t see that. ;)  

Current Entertainment:

Music, movies, and marathoning Netflix. Who could ask for more?

Current Wish/Needs:

Sunny days. Vitamin D. A chance to talk my books OUTSIDE to read?!


Current Food:

Hello, my name is Heather and although I flirted with my inner chef recently, I’m still majorly addicted to bars. But you already knew this. What you didn’t know (and I didn’t either) is that the new Vitamin Shoppe in town rocks! They have a HUGE selection of bars that I’d never even seen…obviously, I had to do my part and sample them properly. Word of warning: That gold one, as alluring as it may seem, does NOT have any sort of magic [ticket] in it…!


Current Drink:

Dear coffee, you complete me. I swear I will never EVER stray again.

Current Triumphs:

I have to say I’ve given myself more than a couple of pats on the back for getting my shit together and getting back in the gym. After being out for more than a week during Snowpocalypse, it was not an easy task. There was a lot of moaning, groaning, and all out toddler temper tantrums. Unsurprisingly, a jaunt on the treadmill with one of my books from the library is what got me hooked again. Bookworm prevails!

Also? Finally getting all those BEAutiful tabs up there on my header! :D

Current Bane of Existence:

This fucking weather. Seriously…O-VER IT! 

Current Blogger Crush Envy:

Umm, Gina? Can I come move in with you? Every time I get a Snap from you with your beautiful California weather, I die a little inside!

Current Indulgence:

 Treating MYSELF whenever I get the chance!
♫ A little party never killed nobody! ♫


Current Blessing:

For all the complaining I’ve been doing this month, sometimes I just have to stop and smell the roses daisies and carnations to really appreciate the great things and amazing people I have in my life. If you had told me a year ago where I would be and what I would have right now, I’d have laughed in your face. Life really does have a way of surprising you at times. Good thing I LOVE surprises. :)

Shot of Coffee Selfie

Current Outfit:

While I’d like to tell you otherwise, the truth is, I’ve been in my robe more than any other article of clothing this month…and yes, most often huddled around a mug of something warm. 

Current Excitement:

Tonight…Sir Sly…in Nashville…fuck yeah! 

Current Link:

You Tube -> Sir Sly
Feel free to catch up on the music goodness!

Current Mood:

Hopeful…that my excitement for tonight’s show will help keep me out into the 28°F (-2.2°C) weather for the time needed. Guess I should wear my dancing shoes, huh? ;)

What is your current triumph?

What’s is one of your “happy places”?

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Thinking Out Loud: Cabin Fever

Omg guys, I sick. I don’t think I’m gonna make it.

Snowpocalypse 2015 - Icicles

The Snowpocalypse has continued. Just when you think it’s all gonna melt, another dump of the white shit shows up. I figured I was pretty lucky not having to work during the week. I’d just ride it all out and come Friday, it’d be like nothing ever happened. Now, I’m not so sure if I’ll make it through the night…


The other day, after a “trip” back from the store for more staples (INCLUDING MILK!), I had a little umm, egg-cident? At first I thought it was nothing more than a couple of scrapes and bruises, but it feels more serious…

If I Stay Book

I finished a book in TWO days…with plenty of breaks in between for clicking my way around Netflix, making WAY too many visits to the cookie [spread] jar[s], and walking aimlessly from room to room, looking out the window, thinking that maybe if I just shake my head really really hard, it’ll all just disappear.

Snowpocalypse 2015- Driveway

It hurts when I shrug my shoulders, or bend over, or sit down, or get up, or breathe…I think I’ve figured out a way to get around all of them but the last one, but I swear something’s gonna have to give soon, because the oxygen supply is diminishing.


I’m starting to see tiny snowpeople everywhere and these weird sounds keep echoing through the neighborhood. They kinda sounds like the laughter of little elves…no, demons…yeah, definitely demons, because I’m almost positive I saw one soaring down a hill the other day on an inner tube and c’mon, a snowy beach vacation? -> must be from hell.

Gym Selfie

And then yesterday, I finally made it out of the house again. I just knew I’d be able to turn things around because…THE GYM WAS OPEN! Sweat out the fever, get high off endorphins, have a good solid workout and start feeling like myself again. Only once I got there, I realized they were closing…in less than thirty minutes!

I tried to make the best use of my time, but after nearly a week out of the gym, there was some major gruntage going on. While I didn’t get the fever out, I did manage to sweat out a few of those cookies. I know I’m still sick though. Because later, in the eery silence of another snow-covered night, I did the un-think-able…

Roasted Chicken with Potatoes & Carrots


Seriously guys. It’s been great knowing you. Tell my mother I love her. My dying wish is that you go forth, do not mourn my death, but celebrate my life. When you eat a pancake, think of me. Also, I’ve already chosen the person I’d like to give my eulogy…a woman who talks Pinterest, pumpkin, hashtags, and has a mouth like a sailor.

She may not KNOW me, but she basically IS me…reincarnated…before I’m actually dead…oh god, the fever spiking again! Before I get completely incoherent, I have to tell you, go find Spoons


And run with them as loudly as possible?

Fuck it, I’m out.

Are you accident prone?

What’s the last hot meal you cooked?

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Snowpocalypse 2015

Helloooo from the icy tundras of Tennessee!

Selfie Sticker

Have I told you lately how much I hate winter?

Because I do…with a passion. Anything below 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Celsius) is winter in my book. Sorry I’m not sorry, but gone are the days of little Heather frolicking in the white fluffiness making snow angels and building snowmen. Give me back my summer dresses and flip flops…dammit!

Winter storm Octavia rolled in Sunday night while I was at work. Luckily, I heard about it before going in so I was able to hit the store for a few staple items for the week…

Got Milk?

That is…everything but milk!

I couldn’t help but laugh (and snap a pic, of course) of the milk cooler at Publix. It kills me how people in the south hear the word “snow” and all of a sudden it’s a fucking SNOWPOCALYPSE (duh duh duhhhhh)!! Quick, hide your women and children! Fill up on gas! Buy all the perishables items?? 8O

Snow 2015 - Drive Home

The roads weren’t actually too bad on the way home. It probably helped that most of the idiots who can’t even drive in the rain hadn’t really made it out though. What really sucked was waiting for my windows to defrost while I froze my ass off in the car.

Ice Selfie

Obviously I had to make an executive decision on which windows got scraped and which did not. Everyone, say it with me now, “peeky holes for the win!”

Snow 2015

After celebrating my successful drive home with one raging nap party, I awoke to see what the weatherman was calling eight to ten to twelve inches <- yeah, make sense of that! And this is only ONE of the examples of how men can’t freaking count. Yeah,uh huh,  surrrrre it’s that big. Lol.

Let it be known that Tennessee snow isn’t really snow…just frozen crystals. It doesn’t clump together, it just lays there, eventually melts a little, and then turns into one giant sheet of ice!

Shot of Coffee Selfie

So, if you’ll excuse me, I have blankets to crawl under, Netflix to watch, and many many mugs of hot stuff to drink for the rest of the week!

Are you one for snow-tivities or would you rather
watch from the inside?

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