Don’t hate me, but I actually wasn’t going to post today…BUT THEN I realized that it’s the last day of June and if I didn’t get this currently post up, I was going to hate myself…and end up bombarding you with millions of pictures for my next post…which I may end up doing anyway. You don’t mind, right?

So this summer has been FLYING by! The girls have kept Jason and me running and dancing and laughing and yeah, we’re having a blast! Also, I think at some point they slipped some Miracle Grow in my morning coffee because…

Long Hair Selfie

Holy Rapunzel Hair! Guess I’ll be breaking out the selfie stick before too long if I want all of it to fit in the frame of my pics, huh? ;)

Current Book:

Game of Thrones Box Set

I’m still making my way through A Game of Thrones…only 100 pages left to go! And to think, I let it intimidate me for so long. To celebrate my bookworm victory, I gifted myself with this book set last week. Ain’t they purrrrrdy?

Current Music:

In addition to the ten songs I gave you earlier this month for my summer playlist, (which, by the way, was my 1000th post!!!) you can go ahead and add this one too. I have to say I haven’t liked anything by Madonna in a lonnnnng, but this is just too damn catchy.

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Gym Selfie

I’ve realized in the last few weeks that if I’m going to maintain any form of sanity, I have to get in some sweat therapy at least every 3-4 days. To do this, I’ve been sneaking out of the house on the mornings I wake up first and scooting off to the gym for a bit. I usually make it home in time to feed the clan as they shuffle into the kitchen with bed head…Jason included. ;)

Current Entertainment:

Since the summer days (and a lot of the nights) have been sweltering, we’ve been forced to keep our fun indoors and since we can’t really afford to drop $100 for dinner and a movie every week, there has been many a movie night at home along with coloring, board game playing, and fort building…that last one being my favorite.

Current Wish/Needs:

To shave my legs…but I can’t…because they’re covered with poison ivy blisters! Wahhhhhhhhhhh!

Current Food:

Chicken HelperPersonalized Pita PizzasHamburger & AsparagusBreakfast Burritos

I have to say I’m a bit impressed with myself for cooking more at home this summer. I’ve taken a couple of semi-homemade shortcuts with spruced up Chicken Helper (added chickpeas and veggies) and personalized pita pizzas, but those burgers and breakfast burritos (complete with BACON) were alllllllll me!

 Current Drink:

Strawberry Smoothie

Current Triumphs:

One of the hardest things to do is to get Jason and the girls out the door and somewhere we have to be ON TIME, but a couple of weeks ago when we went over to my parent’s house for lunch, I got us there with FIVE MINUTES to spare! Never mind the fact that I had to start the process two and a half hours before we walked out the door. Lol

Current Bane of Existence: 

Sick - Meds

No one likes being sick, but try being sick in the middle of summer vacation! After about five days of self-medicating, I finally gave up and went to the doctor. He told me I had one of the worst sinus/ear infections he’s ever seen. I got TWO shots in the butt AND a round of antibiotics. I’m feeling a lot better than I was, but I still can’t hear well out of my left ear. To top it off, last Saturday while I was mowing the lawn, I got into some poison ivy. It’s bad. Somebody shoot me.

Current Blogger Crush:

Alright, so I know she was just featured back in January, but I’m gonna have to remind you guys about the love, adoration, and this time a little jealousy I have for Miss Snack Therapy Carly. Have you guys SEEN her new apartment?! I’ve lived in my house for over four years now and still don’t know what I’m doing with the place. Come over and decorate for me, my love? I’ll let you raid the cheese drawer in the fridge as payment! :D

Current Indulgence:


Ooey gooey melty CHEEEEEESE! Yep, pizza has been on the menu more than a couple of times a week this summer. Sometimes of the personalized pita variety, sometimes of the frozen variety,  and sometimes of the smack-yo-mama-good variety at a new pizza place in town!

Current Blessing:

I’ve all but said this before, but…motherhood. These two little girls may not “be” mine, but they ARE mine and always will be. And there’s your monthly dose of sappiness. ;)

Current Outfit:

Leggings On the days where I want to feel a little more put together (read: something other than workout clothes), I just open up the Leggings Drawer and take my pick. Yeah, there is officially a “Leggings Drawer” now. I haven’t decided if it’s admirable or embarrassing how many pairs I own.

Current Excitement:

Chutes & Ladders

I always wanted a family game night when I was little, but since my parents worked opposite schedules, it never really worked out, but thanks to the unforgiving heat (?) we’ve been having game nights…and days and afternoons all summer! Confession: This was my first time EVER playing Chutes & Ladders!

Current Link:

Current Mood:


Now I’m off to do some meal planning, fix a smoothie, and slather myself in copious amounts of calamine lotion…definitely NOT all in that order!

What has been your “current indulgence” this month?

How have you been enjoying the summer? Any cool (temperature AND wow factor) ideas for fun activities?

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A Belated Birthday for My Beefcake!

Hey you guyssssss!

I just want to say the comments from Monday’s post have me smiling till it hurts. I’m so happy to hear that the emotions I feel are coming through in my words. Hopefully, when you leave the blog you’ll come away with a little buzz of sorts.

I also hope that all the lovey dovey-ness (I’m so making that a word) isn’t too gag-worthy because I’ve got more to share today. Since Jason’s birthday was last Friday and I totally FAILED as a girlfriend without a plan, a card, or even a gift (just because you pay for two-day delivery, doesn’t always mean you will get it in two days when it’s something that has to be assembled first…DOH!), I decided to do my best to make up for it Monday night.

Jason and the girls had spent the day with his family while I slept and were due home around dinnertime. So after a quick run to the store for all my ingredients, I set to work on a special dinner and then sent him this text…

Happy Birthday Jason

Ohhhhh, the anticipation! :D

I’ve known for a lonnnnng while now that Jason is a big fan of shepherd’s pie so a few months ago, I set out on a world-wide [web] search for the best recipe out there…that wouldn’t immediately clog our arteries. Although I was a bit suspicious, I finally decided on a recipe I found from Rachel Ray (sorry, but I’ve never been a fan). With a couple of substitutions and a LOT of patience (30 minute meal, my ass!), I had one HELL of a dinner ready not long after the three of them walked in the door!

Shepherd's Pie - Before

Also, can we stop to appreciate the fact that there was a decent serving of vegetables crammed in there as well? I meant to add some mushrooms, but with three pans going at once (yeah, it was crazy), it kinda slipped my mind.

Shepherd's Pie

The final product was a perfectly crisp and brown top with warm comforting goodness inside. Everyone loved it and they ALL asked for seconds!

Little Helpers

While the pie was doing its thing in the oven, I got the girls to convince their daddy to hang out in the living room and read while we snuck back into the kitchen to work on dessert. Jason, like me, isn’t a big sweets person, but I was able to weasel out of him that he really likes tiramisu!

I found this recipe in one of my Cooking Light cookbooks for White Russian Tiramisu. Instead of adding kahluah, we subbed in some coffee creamer. The girls did a great job working together to measure ingredients and then helped me layer everything into the pan. They were rewarded with cream cheese-covered spatulas.

Making Tiramisu

Since it had to chill in the fridge for a couple of hours and I wasn’t about to have a houseful of caffeinated people at 10 o’clock at night, we decided to save it until the next day…for breakfast! ;)


The flavor was fantastic! A little too sweet for me (not a big surprise) and a little too grown-up for the girls (again, not a big surprise), but Jason liked it just fine and well, that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? :D

And as for the boy’s belated birthday gift?

Jason's Birthday Print

Well, I ordered this print (which I bookmarked from MONTHS ago after we found it on a random Google search) and had it matted and framed and then, after breakfast, we headed to the movies!

Family Movie Date

We saw Jurassic World in 3D! Jason and the girls had marathoned the previous films over the weekend and all had differing opinions on which of the four movies they liked best. I thought the movie was decent, but feel like you just can’t beat the first one! Besides, it IS the movie that made me want to be an archeologist when I grew up…till I found out that most of them end up in libraries and museums!

What (non-cake) dessert would YOU choose for your birthday?

Name one thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

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Meow I’m Feeling Marvelous!

What uhhhhhhp?!

Promise I’m still alive! Last week just kinda took off and damn, the next thing I knew, it was time for my weekend at work and then wouldja look at that? it’s Monday again! I know most of you dread Mondays, but after being stuck at the hospital for the last three days, I’m ready to be reunited with my little family. So…since I don’t get to see them until I get a little shut-eye today, I’m gonna use this rare quiet time at work (shhh, our little secret) to reminisce over our first full week of summer break!

Last week was absolutely awesome. I swear I fall more in love with these girls every day. But even so, it always takes me a couple of days to slide into “mommy mode” and get used to the constant go-go-go life without loosing track of a few of my marbles.

Me & Jason - Meow

Knowing that, I called upon the power of the kitty for strength. :lol:

I should’ve known that mine and Jason’s accidentally matching kitty shirts would prove to be a good omen for the week. We picked the girls up on Monday night, enjoyed a nice dinner at Crackel Barrel (am I the only one who says that?), and then made our way back home while the those two little girls proceeded to get cracked out on old-fashioned candy they suckered their dad into buying them.

After a full day of running errands that included stops at TJ Maxx for summer clothes, Olive Garden for ALL THE BREADSTICKS, and Lowe’s for what would’ve been Heather’s herb garden before she got overwhelmed and walked out (read: marbles misplaced), we decided it’d probably be best to relax for the rest of the night…


And relax we did. Hours spent in the backyard lounging in front of the fire pit, listening to music, telling stories and of course…

S'mores with the Girls

Making s’mores! I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I enjoy MAKING s’mores much more than eating them (don’t hate), so I am now, happily, the designated S’mores Putter Together-er. ;)

Gym Selfie

The next morning, I got the chance to sneak away for a little gym time while everyone else slept off  their chocolate hangovers. A little cardio, a little weights, and a good cleansing sweat sesh in the sauna and I was back and feeling better than ever!

I can see now that this was the turning point in the week for me because after that, the hustle and bustle felt more like an ebb and flow and the rest of the week just carried me away!

Taco Salad

There were big family meals…

Tiger Lilies

Walks around the neighborhood…


Drippy watermelon faces…

Jason's Birthday Cards

And someone had a birthday! :D

Along with playtime with the cousins, a baseball game played in their uncle’s garage, a night spent giggling while recording ninja moves on slow-mo, and my favorite, a dance party that lasted till 3am, just the four of us!

And then, as if my heart couldn’t get any bigger, the girls surprised me with a call while I was at work Saturday night just to tell me they missed me. This weekend has been TOO long! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta find a way to get some sleep so I can have an even more MARVELOUS time this week!


I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! Be sure to head over to Healthy Diva Eats, give Katie a little love, and check out all the link ups for the day!

What’s your favorite summer activity?

Can anyone guess how old Jason is?

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