Music Monday: The Loufest Edition

Happy Monday, peeps!

Since I figure I’ll still be recovering from partying it up with my Monkeys and Portugal men at my FIRST music festival, I’m typing this post up ahead of time. It’s actually Friday right now and I’m about to leave for Loufest…just as soon as I finish doing up my face in black light paint! 😉

So I thought I’d share some sweet tunes with ya…

After stalking Loufest playlists on Spotify for the last month, I’ve found a “few” favorites. Of course I say that while throwing up quotation marks in the air because when it comes to music (and my clicky finger), it’s a bit of an obsession for me. I tried to scale it back a bit for all brain-containing purposes. I could just see myself standing in the middle of the park in St. Louis frantically trying to decide which stage to go to if in the unlikely event TWO bands I like are playing at the time. Oh the insanity!! 😯

I created a playlist called Loufest Faves for my friends and I to listen to on the way up to St. Louis and I actually feel I deserve a pat on the back for practicing restraint and only including fifty tracks. Like I said, obsession. Since I know that’s a lot of songs and you guys probably don’t have the time to sit here and sample them all, I thought I’d call out a few umm…fave faves?

Glass Animals

I don’t know what it is about these guys, but I can’t get enough. I confess that most of the time I haven’t a clue what they’re talking about and I’m pretty sure you have to be on copious amounts of drugs (and perhaps a little rubber cement) to understand ANY of their videos, but what the hey, the beat makes me wanna “throw my hands and flip around”!

Roadkill Ghost Choir

Coolest name ever, right? This was the first song I heard from them and couldn’t help but hum the tune for the rest of the day week. Then I sampled their latest album (released just a few weeks ago), fell in love, and downloaded it minutes later. The beginning of the song sounds kinda hillbilly-ish but trust me, their name doesn’t imply they’re a toothless bunch ready to scrape breakfast off the side of a highway.

Moon Taxi

How cool is it that these guys are from Nashville? My sister first introduced me to them a few months ago (before I even knew they were going to be at Loufest). I think they have a sound similar to Kings of Leon…with a little less whine. 😉 I love this song from their Cabaret album, but their more recent album, Mountains Beaches Cities is pretty freaking amazing.


I’ve had “Tongue Tied” in my iPod for years, but never really listened to much else from Grouplove until I realized they were going to be at the festival. Then I lucked up and found their album, Spreading Rumours at the library and yeah, reeeeeeally hard to pick just one favorite, but the video for this song shoots it up to the top!


Another group from good ol’ Nashville. See? There’s more than just country music around here…in case those cowboy boots and hats were gonna fool ya! I found these guys back in like June when they popped on a Spotify workout playlist. This is one of those “fuck you, I’m awesome” songs…just wait till the 1:56 mark. Ha, love it!

So, in no particular order, aside from “Gooey” by Glass Animals being at the top because, well, I’m trying to see just how many more times I can play it before I feel “those peanut butter vibes”, I give you fifty songs from eleven bands! Enjoy! 😀

Have you ever been to a music festival?

What is your current favorite song?

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9 Responses to Music Monday: The Loufest Edition

  1. Current favourite song?

    “No no no no no no place I’d rather be…”

    Sound familiar to you? 🙂

  2. Ohhh there are some bands on here I haven’t heard of! Clearly I’ve got some listening to do 🙂

  3. looooove the arctic monkeys. i got to see them at the beginning of summer, they were wonderful. why’d you only call me when you’re high has been on repeat for like 7 months now, it’s so embarrassing that i don’t listen to anything else! haha

  4. I used to be an all-out music junkie, so yeah… I’ve invested an embarrassing amount of money in going to music festivals. Speaking of which… almost time for Music Midtown in ATL!!! I’m lazy and cheap in my old age – I’l be listening from my balcony.

    I’m so glad you posted that Cherubs song – I JUST took a pic of it when it came on XM the other day so I’d remember to download it. Love.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hey, I’d do the same thing if I could…but the only thing I hear from my back door are howling dogs! 🙁 I love that you love the Cherub song too…I swear they had one of the best performances/crowd involvement than any of the other shows (I’m sure you’ll find it way too amusing that I just typed “shots”) than any other band that weekend!

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