Thinking Out Loud: The Late Edition

Life happens.

I planned on getting a post up yesterday, but well, I kinda suck at the whole planning ahead thing. Wednesday, I was just too tired and felt more like eating pizza and watching a movie. And yesterday was spent traveling to see family. By the time I made it home, it was nearly midnight and all I felt like doing was eating pizza 3-minute gnocchi and watching a movie. But since I just couldn’t bear to miss out on a week of my favorite ADD-fostering linkup, I’m up early (for a night shift worker) on a Friday…struggling to write this intro when I should just be thinking OUT LOUD! 😉

So let’s get to it already!


Starting with that 3-minute gnocchi…that I bought two years ago?…that I because I was in desperate need of a quick oh-my-god-get-food-in-my-face-right-now meal after being in the car all day. Topped with a little marinara and some grated parmesan, it was a picture of potato perfection! 🙂

The Fault in Our Stars

I finally got myself to a Redbox the other day to rent The Fault in Our Stars. Verdict? Pretty good…and yes, I sniffed all the way through it. Also, I realized something. It’s been about two months since I finished reading the book and I’ve decided that that’s the perfect amount of time to wait for me to forget enough details to actually enjoy a book-to-movie performance. I understand that they have to leave out certain parts of a book for time purposes, but I’m glad I didn’t tear this one apart like I did The Hunger Games.

Park Fall Leaves

On Tuesday, we had some of the most AHHHH-mazing weather! It’s pretty much been rainy and cold here for a week or more, so when I saw that the temperature was forecasted to reach the high 70’s (21°C), I made sure to take advantage of it…with a FIVE mile hike on The Bike on a Stick trails with nothing but the sound of crunching leaves around me!


And the next day (Wednesday…aka, my lazy bum day), it rained ALL DAY LONG! But hey, my hair looked awesome! And I stayed cozy in the house all day in my new favorite sweater, yoga pants, and fuzzy slippers…ohhh, maybe I should think about switching over to fashion blogging! 😉


Nah, I think food (and this unexplainable need I feel to taste-test every new/different flavored treat out there) is more my thing. With the help of a friend the other day, I sampled all the different Reese’s bars that just happened to be on sale. My top favorite was the sticks…they taste like Reese’s Kit-Kats! Second place went to the Crispy Crunchy bar which was basically chocolate and peanut-covered Crunchy Peanut Butter Bar. Anyone else remember those?

Jet's Bacon & Feta Bread

But the best thing I’ve eaten ALL week, was this BACON AND FETA cheese bread that I ordered from Jet’s Pizza on Monday night…that feed me FOUR times…that literally made me moan and utter obscenities while trying to catch my breath…especially after I ditched the marinara and broke out some ranch dressing for dipping! 😉


Be sure to check out all the ToL link ups over at Spoons. And show Amanda a little love for helping us all to embrace our inner squirrel! 😉

How’s the weather been in your neck of the woods?

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?

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