My Last FREE Weekend!

Hey there, Monday! You’re lookin’pretty good!

Ok…you guys probably already think I’m crazy for being in such a chipper welcoming Monday kind of mood. But yeah…well…you’re gonna think I’m even crazier (relative to MY definition of normal) here in a couple of minutes.

Ya see…a couple of weeks ago, I asked for a schedule change at work. No, I’m not switching to days…because well, that would be CuhRAYzeeeeee! Nope. I’m switching to weekends. My new schedule will be THREE days a week instead of four and I’ll be working every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’ll take a moment to allow for gasps and any objects/obsenities you want to throw at me through your computer. Just know that none of them will actually hit me. So…

Nana nana…boo BOO! 😛

The truth is, some things – well, lots of things actually – have changed in my life lately and when this new position became available, it just made sense for me to take it. It’s not like I’ll never be able to take off for a weekend…you know, in case some of my Blends wanna come visit (hint hint, wink wink)…I’ll just have to request the time off.

I won’t have my set schedule until November, but in the meantime, I’ll be helping with the transitioning period by taking the weekends and a couple of other shifts here and there. So, with this being my last official weekend off, I made sure to do it up right! Or really, that’s just how I’m justifying the all-out-indulgence attitude I realized I had after looking at my pics!


It all started with my little “bedtime treat” on Friday night. My grandmother always said a glass of warm milk was the secret to a good night’s sleep. Sorry Mammy, but a glass of ice-cold RUMCHATA after a shot of liquid Benedryl is the ticket to a 10-hour, much-needed, self-induced, any-other-hypenated-words-you-care-to-add COMA!

BAM! 😎

Fall at the Farmer's Market

Then, with all the extra energy I had, I frolicked around at the farmer’s market! We’re down to only three more weeks before it closes for the year and even though it didn’t FEEL like fall this weekend, the vendors were there bearing all sorts of autumnal treats!

Walk at the Park

And since Mother Nature has obviously misplaced the sticky reminding her that it’s now FALL, I took advantage of our 80ºF (26.6ºC) weather with a long walk at my favorite park.

Library Music

Then I cooled off at the library (between happy dances) while finding some of my FAVORITE artists in the music section. FYI, this Korn album is awesome!

Kroger Cookie Butter Spreads

And cooled off even more while prowling the aisles of Kroger searching for sales and other things I didn’t know I needed. For the record, there was no way in HELL I was going to be able to choose between these two…and it’s a good thing I didn’t have to because they are both AHHHHHHmazing! Yup, be jealous! 😛

Cheese & Tomato Sandwich

After a quick stop at the house for some fuel, I was off again! By the way, somebody kick me for waiting THIS long to make a cheese and tomato sandwich! I may or may not be eating them for the rest of the week.

Clothes Shopping

And then lots of shopping ensued…and I do mean LOTS! I rarely ever shop for clothes (that aren’t of the workout variety) but after I stepped inside Old Navy to buy any and all of the fitted tanks they had leftover from summer (by the way, there were five), I just couldn’t help myself. THEN I took it a step further and ventured into TJ Maxx. A couple of hours and multiple try-ons later…

Four pairs of leggings, two tanks, two tops, one duster, and one amazing (and unfortunately unpictured) cashmere blend sweater with a hood and THUMBHOLES!! Holy freakin’ score, right? Agree with me if you know what’s good for you! 😉

But the shopping didn’t stop there. Oh no. I just “had” to run by GNC to pick up some papaya enzymes (basically like TUMS only 923765 times tastier) and well, then I umm…

GNC - Quest Bars & Vitamins

There was a Say-YULLLLLLL!!!

Hey, at least I didn’t forget the papaya right? With my Quest bar stash running painfully low, I couldn’t help but snag up a box FOUR boxes. I mean, they WERE only $24.99 a box. And since I decided to renew my discount card, I obviously had to make my trip worthwhile!

The rest of the night was spent chillaxing at home with a little more RumChata (seriously, in LOVE with this stuff) and more Netflix marathoning.


Needless to say Sunday was pretty low-key before going into work for the night. A good long walk at the park followed by this beautiful sunset was all I needed to prepare me for the workweek ONE NIGHT OF WORK TILL FRIDAY!

Yep, you read that right…starting today (as in right now since I just got off work) I’m off until Friday!! It’s a little confusing, but let’s just say that to get this transitional period up and going, there has to be a little switch mid-week…

Which I don’t mind AT ALL!

Hope you guys have a MARVELOUS Monday. I’ll be back tomorrow with a roundup of my latest “currentlies”! 😀

What did YOU do this weekend?

What’s the last item you bought for yourself?

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