Thinking Out Loud: A Week By Number

Hey hey, kiddos!

Didja miss me? Whew, I missed me! It has been one CAHRAZEEEY week! Logging in 54 hours in five days is some kind of work, BUT the good news is its the LAST time I’ll have to work any overtime in the foreseeable future. Yup, starting next month, I’ve got my new schedule (and hopefully some semblance of my sanity will return).

So, how ’bout we celebrate with a little ToL look-back, shall we? Because I have to say, it was another week of super human abilities! And because it’s fun, I’m going to do it by number…

Coffee Selfie


The number of cups of coffee I’ve had…because, ya know, even if your mug is the size of your head, it’s still just ONE cup! Who cares if it makes your left eye twitch a bit! 😉

Halloween CandySIX

The number of pieces of Halloween candy swiped from the cute little tin at work this week. The Reese’s of course was the first to go, but I’ve since rediscovered my love for Whoppers!



The number of slices of naan I gobbled up at the Indian lunch buffet the other day (no shame). Man, that stuff is seriously sweet mana from the [carb] gods!


Gone Girl Book

The number of minutes it took to regret taking this picture at work because of COURSE things got all sorts of busy just after snapping. Anyone else reading Gone Girl? It took a little while to pick up in the beginning, but now I can’t put it down. And? I have to say it’s doing a great job improving my vocabulary. I think I’m averaging a search once every 10-12 pages! Ha!

I can’t WAIT to see the movie!

Cloud Porn


The number of days that we had exceptionally warm weather (I mean, we were breaking records, folks…84F in late October!) AND I was able to take advantage of it by starting back up my walks at my favorite park! I also got about three comments on my read-walking abilities since there was no way my book wasn’t coming along.

Oh and how ’bout on the one rainy day we had, I actually got a wild hair and went to the GYM! Pretty sure the guys at the desk thought I was someone off the street…since I haven’t stepped foot in there innnnnnnn well, let’s not go there! 😉


The number of hot meals I “cooked” during the week…which I celebrated by sharing an incredibly awfully lit picture on Instagram. I’m giving the fingers in the air quotation marks when I say this because it was more an assembly of parts kind of meal, but I do give myself bonus points for breaking out my homemade marinara from the freezer!

Halloween Scrubs Selfie


The number of days I actually remembered to wear my Halloween scrub top this month (damn!). We won’t go into just how many selfies I took before I decided to share this one. But can we take a minute to appreciate how well my new eyeliner was holding up at 4am? 😉


I just HAVE to share this video with you guys (because A. I just heard about it on the radio yesterday and B. What’s a Thursday without a little music action?). It’s from the band OK Go, who are known for incredible music videos, but get this, it was all captured in just ONE TAKE!


Now hop on over to Spoons and check out all the other random things people are thinking up out today. I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for some Currentlies! 😀

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

What’s the last book you read or are currently reading?

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