What Exactly is Normal?

It couldn’t possibly be taking multiple pictures of yourself in Photo Booth trying to achieve your best “perplexed” look…

Hmm, so in other words…boring.

Of course you guys KNOW I am anything but normal…I mean, heck, I write love stories about peanut butter for God’s sake! But you know what? I think my life is a bit mor fun on the “abnormal” side.

If I were normal…

I wouldn’t take a picture of myself just to show how excited I was to babysit Pete and RE-Pete this evening.

I most assuredly wouldn’t have documented my pack-n-go dinner for such an occasion.

I probably wouldn’t have lost myself in a moment of playing Matchbox cars while I fantasized of cruising down the freeway in a life-size version of the car of my dreams.

Maybe I wouldn’t have encouraged multiple poses in a Spiderman photo shoot for the boys…this was the best one of oh, about a dozen! πŸ˜‰

And I sure as heck wouldn’t have found myself in a grocery store in the middle of the night doing a little retail therapy* after finding out my time with these little munchkins has come to an end.

*Some people buy shoes, others purchase clothes, I scout out manager markdowns at my local supermarket! πŸ˜‰

Yep, that’s right…mom and dad’s bible study group has come to an end, meaning they will be home with the boys on Wednesday nights from now on. I only pray that the hints of my being available for date nights/unexpected meetings/trips to the store for milk…will work out for me in the near future!

Because I’m seriously gonna miss these little super hero, carrot-chomping cuties!

They said my carrots gave them extra super powers…

Just like I’m pretty sure chocolate chips give this fro-yo the power to knock my socks off! πŸ˜‰

FYI: “Peanut Buttery Swirls” = absolute tongue tantalizing Heaven!

Of course the most obvious picture of my abnormal behavior would be that I Instagrammed every single one of the pictures on this post!

What’s one thing that makes you “abnormal” aka FUN?

Have you tried Ben & Jerry’s Greek Fro-Yo yet?
What’s your favorite flavor?

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