Thinking Out Loud: I’m a Sly Ninja Cheesemonger

Hey hey haaaaaaaay!

First off, I just want to say that I was a total goober in my last post and forgot to say a big HA-YUUUGE thank you for all the beautiful comments, encouragements, and social media shares for my rant on dieting propaganda last week. It took more than a few drafts to get all those thoughts out and I’m just glad to see that my point came out the way I had intended. Life was meant to be lived…without needless rules and guilt and body shaming. Hoo-RAAAAH!

Whew, sorry…still can’t help but get fired up. BUT this week, we’re taking things in a less serious direction…because I’m short on time and because I’ve had a few more squirrel moments in the last week or so that I feel I need to share.

BUT FIRST! Did anyone catch the lunar eclipse yesterday morning? I got lucky enough to see it before going to bed and was just in awe.


Definitely gave my sunset collection some competition. Now, if only I knew how the hell to work my camera so that I could take pictures at night! Ha!

Nashville City Lights

Though I have to say the iPhone does a pretty good job when it comes to city lights. I took this shot just outside the War Memorial Auditorium where I saw Skrillex play last week….which was freaking AWESOME! I now know what people mean when they talk about the rave experience. The energy, the…the…well, you just HAVE to be there!


In case you were wondering, I am now a self-proclaimed Oreo taste-tester. Whatever I can do to help all my fellow foodies out there ya know. These aren’t quite as good as the pumpkin ones, but I will say the flavor is spot on and mind-BLOWING!


Oh hi there, Rapunzel! Can you BELIEVE how long my hair’s gotten? Hard to believe I cut over a foot of it off  just over two years ago, huh? I was going to donate again this year, but…well, I’m kinda digging the curls.


Say hello to the BEST DAMN SUSHI ROLL EVER…aka the “Under Control Roll” from Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse. Inside: peppered tuna, avocado, asparagus. Outside: SEARED salmon and tuna, wasabi mayo and eel sauce. Oh my god you guys, my head almost exploded! And I felt no shame whatsoever when primal sounds kept escaping from my lips just before I picked the plate up and licked it clean.

Cheese Please

Question: How many different outfits, hairstyles, and/or personalities can I come up with before the employees at Publix figure out what I’m doing when I show up for lunch next Saturday?

And because I just downloaded Sir Sly’s album before I started typing this post and have now listened to it TWICE, I’m sharing my favorite song…special thanks to my music soulmate for turning me on to these guys!


Now hop on over to Spoons and see what everyone else has got going in and around their heads this week!

What’s the BEST thing (like, slap yo mama good) you’ve eaten this week?

Whatcha think of that post title…you like it don’tcha? 😉

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20 Responses to Thinking Out Loud: I’m a Sly Ninja Cheesemonger

  1. Tiff says:

    Your hair is beautiful!! (And the sushi looks damn good too)

  2. Gorgeous hair!! Love it.

    And I can not believe what flavors you guys have of Oreo Cookies. I am lucky if I find the original one and for white chocolate covered ones I have to travel to Germany or Spain. Gah!

    This weeks’ food highlight was Gruyère Cheese imported from the French PArt of Switzerland. A co-worker brought it and I ate so much of it, it felt like having a 20kilo Medball in my belly. So worth it!!

  3. Oh my god, cheese-tasting…

    Please take pictures and let me know if you discovered any new cheeses I ought to know about!

  4. Hilary says:

    I totally missed your rant on dieting but read it and I can’t tell you how much I LOVED it! Life would be so much better if mirrors didn’t exist if you ask me haha maybe then people would stop caring so much about appearance and more about experiences!

  5. Well clearly I need to get me [and my disguises] to YOUR publix because my publix isnt hip to the queso currently and has no such thing. I swear I could live off of cheese. And I LOVED your diet post btw, I suck at commenting but I haz yo ass in my bloglovin and I still pop over to read! xo

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Thanks girlie! I suck at commenting too…but I trying to get better with sending out the broccoli bombs! 😉

  6. I love your hair! It looks so pretty.
    Best thing I’ve eaten this week: the cheesecake that a friend made me. Seriously amazing.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, thanks girlie! And omg, I saw that cheesecake on Instagram…all covered in chocolatey goodness! I’m not normally a cheesecake person, but I wouldn’t have turned my nose up at a bite of that! lol

  7. So I have a very important question… I didn’t think the pumpkin Oreos tasted especially pumpkin-y. The caramel apple is really that flavor? I think caramel apple fudge brownies could be needed.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Yeah, the pumpkin I guess is more of a spiced flavor, but the caramel apple is the real deal! You know those caramel apple lollipops? The ones that once you lick the caramel off, nobody actually wants to finish it (or maybe that’s just me)? They taste EXACTLY like those! I think they’d go better in a blondie versus a brownie because the sour apple flavor does come through a bit.

  8. I’ll send you a memo and a note from my mother advising we need you to cover the cheese event for the both of us. No need for fancy costumes.

    While I love the notion of fancy sushi rolls, wouldn’t it be a taste mind f*** with so much goodness going on? It’s like all my favourite rolls in one! Best thing I ate this week….caramel chips. Don’t ask.

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