Thinking Out Loud: I Can SEE!

And it’s time for another edition of Thinking Out Loud!

Heeeeeeeeeere’s JOHNNY HEATHER!


FOUR eyes are better than two!

I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a costume for Halloween for months now…ok, that’s not entirely true. I actually just keep forgetting that I need to come up with an idea for a costume for Halloween. Think these’ll do?

Coffee Creamer

Could someone PLEASE tell me why I keep buying coffee creamers when I prefer my coffee black?

I keep seeing all these flavored coffee creamers in the stores and I can’t help myself but be curious. Then, when I get home with it and add it to my coffee, I’m A.) bummed that I have to reheat my mug in the microwave because it’s no longer hot enough and B.) disappointed that my coffee doesn’t taste like COFFEE! To remedy this, I’ve taken to drinking 2/3 of my mug black and THEN adding the creamer to the last few swallows.


Retail therapy is a real thing.

Last week, I was really moody for some reason. Just one of those No Good Very Bad Days, ya know? So I took some time to myself and ended up at Tuesday morning to buy ALL THE THINGS…that just so happened to color coordinate. 😉

PB Ginger Chews

Sometimes happy dances are not only expected but completely necessary.

Any of you how have ever shopped at TJ Maxx for peanut butter ginger chews knows just how much of a search it can be. How about I’ve been looking for these off and on for the past FOUR MONTHS and the moment I stop looking, I stumble over four packages!

#winning 😀

Food Network Magazine

Food rut? What food rut?

After posting about my food rut yesterday, I took a good long look at the latest Food Network magazine and? I can’t to cook EVERYTHING! Knowing me though and how easily I can get visually over-stimulated and not make anything, I think I’ve decided to try making the Caribbean Beef Stew first! What better way to reenter the culinary world than by means of the slow cooker?

Gum - Problems

Have your dessert and chew it too!

Ok, so I totally ripped that one off the inside of the Extra packet, but DAMN! All these new flavored gums are just too much! Clearly I have issues.

Another day, another concert!

While I’ve never been much of the concert-going type of person, tonight I will be going to my second out of three for the month. Perhaps you remember me telling you guys about Shakey Graves? Well, I’ll be seeing him LIVE tonight and I can’t wait!


Be sure to hop on over to Spoons and check out all the other links today! Hope you guys have a great weekend! 😀

What’s the last concert you went to?

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going as?

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