Gettin’ Shakey in Nashvegas!

You guys!

Omg, you guyyyyyyyyyyyyyys! ūüėÄ

Thursday night was EPIC! Shakey Graves rocked the house. I was totally blown away by his performance! And the pizza…and omg, the cheese…and the fizzy lifting drinks…and the life-flashing-before-my-eyes, and the the…wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning…


With a selfie…in my brand new scarf, purse, and purple leggings!

One of the first times I’ve actually gotten dressed up in MONTHS! I drove to meet my friends and then we were off to get some grub before the show. There wasn’t much deliberation involved after one of my friends suggested we try a Five Points Pizza, a¬†place that has been known to close their doors early when they run out of

Five Points Pizza

Can we pause for a minute to admire this GORGEOUS painting that took up almost the full side wall of the restaurant? I love how the place had such a cozy feel to it!

Ok, so¬†I consider myself a bit of a snob when it comes to pizza (even of the freezer variety) but this place…omg, THIS PLACE! The sauce was fantastic – great flavor and just enough to act as a good toppings glue without having all the shit fall off when you pick it up. And the crust¬†tops the charts on ANY pizza I’ve ever had. The absolute perfect spot on the thin – thick scale. Soft without being doughy…crunchy without¬†wreaking havoc to the roof of your mouth.

Five Points Pizza  Zeus

After staring at the menu and salivating over almost every single thing on it, we eventually decided¬†to go with the “Zeus”:¬†Pepperoni, spicy capicola, black olives, banana peppers, red onions, and¬†FETAAAAAA! ūüėÄ

Beer Flight

I also enjoyed an amazing beer flight (my favorite to order because I get bored with a whole glass of ONE beer). The one at the top¬†was a¬†Steigl Radler, a German effervescent beer with a citrusy grapefruit flavor…basically it tasted like Fresca and¬†from here on out will officially be known as “my beer”.

We got to Mercy Lounge around 9:45pm. Just in time to hear one song from the opening act before Shakey took the stage. Space was limited to standing room only and since there happened to be a GIGANTIC pillar right in our¬†line of sight, we decided to head to the back…away from the crowd, close to the bathrooms, and ya know, right next to the bar. ūüėČ

While moseying¬†our way to the back, I just happened to miss a very important step¬†in our journey. As in an ACTUAL MOTHER-FREAKING¬†STEP!¬†So for about 0.29610561 seconds, I learned what it feels like to plummet to your death. And it wasn’t pretty. AND¬†I wasn’t even drunk!¬†Other than the sheer embarrassment and tears begging to spill from my eyes, the part that really sucked was that I landed on my BAD KNEE! Luckily there was no permanent damage –¬†just a really REALLY nasty looking bruise – but, better than that,¬†it didn’t ruin the evening! Shakey did a great job helping me forget all about the¬†throbbing pain¬†(ok and maybe a few drinks too) and before long I was stomping BOTH¬†feet and dancing to the beat.

Oh snap, made a rhyme! ūüėČ

Since I’m a total goober and don’t really know how to upload the video I took on here, you’ll have to check out my Instagram¬†for the clip. I couldn’t get over how great he sounded. And how about he came out and encored with my FAVORITE SONG!¬†He even brought Esme along for the ride and they closed down the house with¬†my OTHER¬†favorite!¬†I swear I had the biggest and most idiotic grin on my face the entire night!

And that grin came right back yesterday when I logged onto iTunes to see that Dearly Departed is the FREE single¬†for the week!¬†If that’s not MARVELOUS,
I don’t know what is!

What was the highlight from your weekend?

Are you accident prone like me?
Seriously…I NEED this shirt!

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