January: Goin’ Greek & Feelin’ Chic

Hiya peeps!

This month has seemed both long and short, but it still doesn’t seem time to pop in with a “Currently” post. The good thing is with another month down, we are that much closer to the end of winter! The bad thing is, I only have a month or so left to wear my faaaaaaaabulous new coat…

Selfie New Coat

♫ Witha furrrrr…the whole club was looking at hurrrr! ♫

I could NOT believe my luck when I went out “looking” for a coat a couple of weeks ago and found this one, the third one I picked up, for only $80! And it’s a Columbia!

Current Book:

January - Book

Sometimes you pick a book based on a friends recommendation or because it was featured in a magazine. And sometimes you pick a book because it has a pretty cover! My mom has this incredible knack for picking out the best books based off their covers and I like to think I inherited a bit of the spidey bookworm senses from her! I knew nothing about Wide Open when I came home with it from the library a week ago and I’ve only got a handful of chapters left! We have ghosts, a hunky yet mysterious man, and a not-gonna-put-up-with-any-shit heroine. In other words, it’s awesome!

Current Music: 

One that somehow escaped my Chillax post from Monday, was this song by In The Valley Below…such a beautiful song that reminds me of someone. My favorite line: “I wish I’d found you sooner…I could’ve loved you longer”. Insert heart-eyed emoji here. Lol

Current Guilty Pleasure: 

The insane amount of selfies I snapped before and after the one at the top of this post. Not just because of my new furrr but because I actually took time (20 minutes!) to CURL my hair and obviously needed to ensure it was documented just right. Lol

Current Entertainment:

With all the reading and music-ing I’ve been doing, there’s really been no time for anything else…and I can’t complain about that!

Current Wish/Needs:

A new washer and dryer becaaaaaaause…I FINALLY GOT RID OF MINE!! I’ve hated those things since they tried to break out of the laundry room the week I got them! Only now, I’m even more nervous about picking a dud. Any and all recommendations are welcome!

Current Food:

Greek Yogurt

Step aside Oreos, the official GREEK YOGURT tester has arrived! I’m still tracking down new flavors and checking them off my list as I AM actually eating them this time around. For the record, all the pumpkin ones are now gone…and I’ve cried every day since. 

Current Drink:

Camelbak Water

I swear I’ve drunk enough water in the last month to fill a swimming pool! Guess I’ve more than made up for all the beer I drank earlier this month. By the way, the invitation’s still open for my breakfast of blueberry beer and bacon. Any takers?

Current Triumphs:

Getting the courage to type yesterday’s post and (after four hours of deleting/retyping/rearranging my words) finally feeling like I said it all the way I really wanted to. It’s been a rough last few months as I’ve felt very uncomfortable in my skin. Being able to rise above that evil little voice in the back of my head telling me I was fat and taking a stand to get rid of some bad habits I’ve accrued recently so that I’m HEALTHY, really shows how far I’ve come in my journey.

Current Bane of Existence:

Winter…me…me because of winter. I try you guys, I really do, but it is so hard not to be a Grumper McGrumperson when it’s farking cold outside and you feel trapped in your house with nothing to do! I’ve started making plans for the upcoming weeks and I did go to the store for some paint samples for my bathroom the other day. If that doesn’t help, if you need me, I’ll be sulking in the corner…in my gym’s sauna. 😉

Current Blogger Crush:

Ok, so I’ve been crushing on this girl like mad crazy since Blend 2013, but when Carly messaged me the other day to tell me that she’s going to Blend this year, I squealed like a little girl! And since I’m still uber behind in all my blog reading, I figured right NOW would be as good a time as any to stalk her, read this post, and could not stop the bobblehead action that ensued. Read this…NOW!

Current Indulgence:

Bubble Bath

Sometimes, all you need to cure a foul winter mood is a trip to the gym followed by a lonnnnnnng (ok, more like 15 minutes before my damn water got cold!) soak in a lavender bubble-filled tub!

Current Blessing:

Having people in my life who know me enough to not hold my foul winter mood against me and are the ones to suggest I go soak in a lavender bubble-filled tub.

Current Outfit:

LeggingsOk, so actually I’ve been pretty much living in my workout clothes, but since I felt extra cute in my new fleece-lined leggings that I ordered during my Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza, I had to share. Plus, we already know how good they make my ass look! 😉

 Current Excitement:

Ever since buying my ticket to Blend, it all feels so REAL!

Current Link:


Can’t stop, won’t stop! Come, join me on the dark side! 😉

Current Mood:

Positive. Impatient. And yeah, I gotta pee! Lol

What is your current triumph?

Tell me something your EXCITED about!

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13 Responses to January: Goin’ Greek & Feelin’ Chic

  1. What?! Carly is going now??? Shit man… Greece will rock. But wahhhhh!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Your hair! It’s perfection.

    And now I’m craving a relaxing bubble bath!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, thanks girlie! It really had been TOO long since I’d had a good soak…kinda forgot how great it feels. Get on that!

  3. Ugh this winter is making me so grumpy as well. Can it please be summer already??

    Something I’m excited about is hearing back from a job prospect next week. Actually, I’m more anxious than excited. I want this job SO bad. Cross your fingers for me pleeeeease!

  4. Argh, I couldn;t comment on your post the other day but I LOVED IT. Seriously. It’s funny how having such pictures to reflect on can be such a good thing- I know many swear against it but these are the situations with it being positive.

    So jealous of blend. Blend me in a cup. Cup cup cup.

    PS- That Chobani to the left…is that pretzels I see?!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      It really is! I’m such a visual person, sometimes I don’t see things until I SEE them, ya know? And it’s crazy how we never get what we have when we have it. I couldn’t believe that biceps pic! Lol

      And yes sir, you gotta good eye! Pretzels AND chocolate chips and it was ahhhhhmazing!

      PS, I SO wish you were coming to Blend! To crash the girlie party! Haha!

  5. YOU AND CARLY AT BLEND – this is freaking awesome!! My Gooooood, I think I won’t sleep for the next godamn MONTHS!
    Can you curl my hair when we are there? And can we curse about winter all night long too while sipping on funky drinks?!

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