I know it’s probably against some sort of writer code to title something with a hashtag, but have you ever tried to type that out before? Treat Yo’self? I don’t know, just looks weird to me. Like I start picturing some badass Czechoslovakian dude in shades cornering me in an dank interrogation room…or maybe I just have a guilty conscience and my days of international espionage are soon to be over. So yeah, N-E-way…


As in “sometimes it’s ok for things to be all about you” because well? you fucking deserve it. It doesn’t have to make any sense. It can be a bit out of your budget. Hell, it could be something that doesn’t cost any money at all. The point is that there is no one better out there to take care of your needs but you. Because you know you….or at least I hope you do. And it’s important to give ourselves a break sometimes…a moment to relax, unwind, laugh our asses off, break a sweat, or whatever it is you need. because life’s too short and all that shit. Knowwhattamean?


Friday morning, before my work weekend started, I went in for a massage. It’s been about a month since I had one and my last wasn’t the best in the world so yeah, technically it’s been longer than that. But this time? How about I was only minutes into it and my back had already cracked twice, a couple of sigh/moans slipped out, and then…I freaking snored myself awake! Oops? Guess I needed it more than I thought!

Redbox Movie

Later, after I wiped the drool from my face, I indulged in a little stupid humor with a friend before it was time to go home and nap. And we loved every minute of it. Seriously? Most I’ve laughed over a movie in a while. Though I have to admit I kept waiting for Zooey Deschanel to walk on-screen.

Walk & Read

After waking up a little earlier than expected on Saturday, I decided to make good use of my extra hour and went to the gym for a little walk-and-read time. I finished reading Wide Open later that night at work and? After reading the last paragraph, I turned the page…and turned the page again…and? There weren’t any more freaking pages! A quick online search told me what I figured already to be true: this is book ONE of a series of THREE! Guess that’s what I get for my random book picking.

Sunday, I woke up a little early on purpose to go scour the shelves of the library before work…only to discover that they don’t carry the other two books in this series. But guess what they DID have!!!

Library World Cheese Book

Yep! I got it…the World Cheese Book in my possession at last! If you haven’t already guessed, when I went back to the store to buy it a couple of months ago, it was gone and has yet to reappear. I was a little hesitant to buy it online since I never really got a chance to look through it, but let me TELL you…I only made it about five pages in before I hopped online and bought myself a copy! I’ll just hug this one close to my chest until mine comes in the mail. My precious. 😉

Vanilla Fig Soap

And speaking of online shopping, I just got one of my Open Sky orders in last night. Yes, I said “one of”…I’m caught in a cycle of shop, get coupons, shop more, get MORE coupons. I can’t stahhhhhhp! and I don’t care because now I’ve got an under eye concealer that works like a dream, soap that makes me smell good enough to eat, and soon there will be jars of cookie dough peanut butter in front of my face! Oh it’s been TOO long!

Bedazzled Buddha - Yoga

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to treat myself to some sleepy time. Since getting home from one INCREDIBLE hot yoga session with my good friend Bedazzled Buddha, I’ve been fighting the head-bob…so you guys should feel extra soopah special that I took the last umm…two hours? (*embarrassed sideways glance*) to type this post. Anyway, it’s just after midnight and I’ve been awake for eight hours. Calling it done.

Om shanti shanti shanti. 🙂

What is the last thing you did to #treatyoself?

Bloggers, how long does it typically take you to type a post?
Please make me feel better about taking so long!

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9 Responses to #Treatyoself

  1. There is seriously nothing better than going for a massage. Definitely one of my favourite ways to treat myself. Although the last time I went it was in July, so it’s been a while!

    That cheese book looks amazing. It should come with a selection of cheeses to eat as you read it haha.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha, I like the way you think! Purchase of this book should at least come with a trial membership to the cheese of the month club, right? Lol

      Oh girl, I think it’s about time you booked a massage…that is WAY too long! Especially with all this moving and job searching and stressing you’ve been doing lately!

  2. You already know it takes me hours to pen a post, and yes I do mean plural.

    I did some day drinking this past weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. That’s how I treated myself, although yoga and massages aren’t bad either.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Well, we do both have a knack for talking about two different things at once…that takes time to precisely hone in on each thing so as not to confuse our audience who may not be (read: probably aren’t) as gifted as we are. 😉

      It’s been a while since I’ve had a drink. Hmm…since my last beer outing actually. Damn, I better get on that…don’t wanna get sick or something! Lol

  3. sometimes the title needs a #.
    Lately typing up a post takes me fooorreevvver. And by the end I forgot where I was going with it.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! I’ve definitely been guilty of that a few times. I usually have to ready it all the way through at least twice to make sure I don’t get [too far] off topic! 😉

  4. Julie says:

    Um… I want to eat vanilla fig.

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