Blend or BUST!

Hellooooooooo down there!

Yep, yep! As you read this, I am soaring hiiiiiiiigh in the air making my way to Park City, Utah for what I’m sure will be one HELL of a weekend with some of my favorite blends! The fact that I am midair means I can tell you that I somehow managed to get to the airport on time (on ZERO sleep thanks to a storm tripping my security alarm! 😯 ), figured out where the hell to park (long-term? short-term? please don’t tow me!), AND made my way through security without having a coronary. Puh-LEEZE tell me I’m not the only one who gets super nervous at the airport! I swear I’m not a terrorist…I just want to eat snakes snacks on a plane!! 😉

What this ALSO means is that…

Blend or BUST!

I pulled out some magic tricks in order to cram three weeks-worth of outfits into ONE bag without losing any fingers or toes. Oh and I may be bad at math, but three weeks for one weekEND is totally acceptable when you’re a woman…oh and the second bag is all for SWAAAAAG!


I finally made a decision on what shoes to wear for the cocktail hour on Friday night…which UNFORTUNATELY will not be these beauties due to the fact that I almost broke an ankle walking around TJ Maxx! Why oh WHY must I have the grace of a three-legged elephant?! Unrequited love I tell you!


I polished off my UMPTEENTH salad for the week, successfully obliterating the produce platoon that was staking claim to my crisper drawers this week. I will say they put up a good fight, but they were no match for me and Mr. Beano! Oh, I’m sorry, was that TMI? Too bad! 😛

Portugal. The Man

I have yet ANOTHER playlist under my belt…which may or may not be 75% Portugal. The Man. Sidenote A: You know the true value of a friendship when the day before your trip you get a, “Hey, I bought this the other day and thought you might want to burn it”. SCORE! Sidenote B: How cool is that cork holding the CD to the case?!

But the BIGGEST thing…the thing I can now FINALLY tell you?

Yoplait:Nature Valley


I’m SO excited to be able to work with my friends from Yoplait Greek and Nature Valley! I hope to represent them the best way possible and? Well, hopefully I don’t pass out when I go to speak at the breakfast come Sunday morning! Me? Public speaking fears? Shaaaaaa…it! 😉

Pray for me!

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