I Promise I’m Not Dead!

Umm…hi?! 😳

Woah! Like seriously…WO-AH! This week has been A WEEK to say the least! I swear I had every intention of getting at least ONE post up before today, but well how about we do a quick recap of the week?

On Sunday I spent half the day in the SLC airport with multiple flight delays only to arrive home Monday morning where I slept half the day before finding a little bit of time to socialize with actual humans until I had to slip back into zombie mode on Tuesday where I got my first taste of our new computer system at work and by Wednesday, after having two mental/emotional breakdowns over said system, I try to log into my blog only to get some message about it being unavailable for maintenance!*

*What do you say? Best run-on sentence ever? 😉

So yesterday…knowing I had emails to respond to, Blend recaps to type, and a refrigerator to restock, I did what any woman at her mental breaking point would do…

I went shopping at my favorite store!


Under the premise of getting a birthday present for a friend, I did good to only walk out with a $4 pair of party rockers sunglasses for myself, but GOD…weaving in and out of those aisles, taking in the smell of new merchandise, surrounding myself with all sorts of goodies…it was cathartic in every sense of the term.

I know pretty much every one of my blends has already came, saw, and conquered their blend recap posts, but well, I’m still recuperating. And I will continue to recuperate with a bottle of wine and my besties tomorrow night. And hopefully by Sunday, I will have recuperated my ass to the farmers’ market and grocery store…unless I plan on living another week off cheese and condiments!


Let it be known that even the CHEESE DRAWER is dwindling! 😯 Anyone up for some maple shirataki noodles with pickled beets?

But I promise to be back next week. To tell you more. To tell you how I was carefree and adventurous. To tell you how many amazing new friends I made. To tell you how I rocked out a six minute and fifteen second plank. To tell you how I kicked my fear of public speaking to the curb with Sunday’s breakfast. To tell you how NOTHING could have made this past weekend better…well, besides the whole flight delay stuff!

Blend 2014 - Instagram Group Shot

But most of all, to tell you why I can’t wait to go again next year! 😀

And while you wait for me, be sure to click here and check out my giveaway for Julia’s life changing cookbook if you haven’t already! You have until 11:59pm (CST) tonight to enter!

♫ Every day I’m shuffalin’! ♫

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