#FunFinds Friday

Yesterday my little foodie mind was blown.

I live in a small town…both geographically and minded. So a couple of weeks ago when I heard there was a little country shop across town that sold bulk grains, homemade spreads, and other fun things, I couldn’t help but be skeptical KNEW I had to check it out!

I couldn’t believe it…I drove all this way (20 minutes) and they wouldn’t let me turn my semi around! Sheesh!

But I HAD to forgive them the minute I walked through the door and spotted this:

Pick a jam any jam…you name it, they had it! Including some you wouldn’t think to name…

For the record, it’s a variety of muscadine grape…thanks Wikipedia! 😉

And the other side of the tower of jams? A pickled paradise…eggs, beans, okra, cauliflower…and with jams like “scuppernong”, you know they had more than just regular pickles:

Oh yes, this was MY kind of place! 😉

Whole grains, flours, baking mixes, sprinkles, homemade fudge, and…


I nearly had an aneurysm right there in the middle of the shop!

The store couldn’t have been more than 3000 square feet, but I still managed to spend over an hour walking up and down the aisles playing foodie paparazzi…somehow I managed enough restraint (only because I know I don’t have the space in my pantry) to get out of there for under 100 bucks.

Wanna see what I got?


Oh c’mon, you can’t seriously tell me your surprised about the marshmallows! 😉

The bulk of my purchase came from this little big guy but it was TOTALLY worth it…$40 for nearly a half gallon of organic UNREFINED coconut oil? I’ll take it!

And coconut flour for HALF the price as Whole Foods!

I also picked up some SUPER cheap wheat bran and some tapioca
(I have had the strangest craving for tapioca pudding and I wanna try my hand at making my own…we’ll see how that goes!)

Of course I couldn’t say no to the cinnamon pickles and the peach pecan jam practically jumped into my cart!

Yeah, these did too! 😉

And as if all THAT wasn’t enough…I just had to stop by TJ Maxx before heading home (in my defense, it’s on the way)

Of course the one I was MOST excited about was the spread!

So excited that I just HAD to find a way to incorporate it into last night’s dinner. So I roasted up half a kabocha (my fave) and stuffed it with cottage cheese, chickpeas, and the garlic and fig spread…

And then I figured, hell, why not add some cinnamon pickles and peach pecan jam too? 😉

Mind blown yet again!

Now about that title…join Kristin and me as we celebrate our awesome foodie finds! Just add #funfinds to any image you upload on Twitter and/or Instagram so we can all envy/drool over/devise a plan to sneak into your house and steal your goodies! 😉

What #funfinds have you discovered recently?

Anybody got any recipes for healthy tapioca pudding?

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