#FunFinds Friday

Yesterday my little foodie mind was blown.

I live in a small town…both geographically and minded. So a couple of weeks ago when I heard there was a little country shop across town that sold bulk grains, homemade spreads, and other fun things, I couldn’t help but be skeptical KNEW I had to check it out!

I couldn’t believe it…I drove all this way (20 minutes) and they wouldn’t let me turn my semi around! Sheesh!

But I HAD to forgive them the minute I walked through the door and spotted this:

Pick a jam any jam…you name it, they had it! Including some you wouldn’t think to name…

For the record, it’s a variety of muscadine grape…thanks Wikipedia! 😉

And the other side of the tower of jams? A pickled paradise…eggs, beans, okra, cauliflower…and with jams like “scuppernong”, you know they had more than just regular pickles:

Oh yes, this was MY kind of place! 😉

Whole grains, flours, baking mixes, sprinkles, homemade fudge, and…


I nearly had an aneurysm right there in the middle of the shop!

The store couldn’t have been more than 3000 square feet, but I still managed to spend over an hour walking up and down the aisles playing foodie paparazzi…somehow I managed enough restraint (only because I know I don’t have the space in my pantry) to get out of there for under 100 bucks.

Wanna see what I got?


Oh c’mon, you can’t seriously tell me your surprised about the marshmallows! 😉

The bulk of my purchase came from this little big guy but it was TOTALLY worth it…$40 for nearly a half gallon of organic UNREFINED coconut oil? I’ll take it!

And coconut flour for HALF the price as Whole Foods!

I also picked up some SUPER cheap wheat bran and some tapioca
(I have had the strangest craving for tapioca pudding and I wanna try my hand at making my own…we’ll see how that goes!)

Of course I couldn’t say no to the cinnamon pickles and the peach pecan jam practically jumped into my cart!

Yeah, these did too! 😉

And as if all THAT wasn’t enough…I just had to stop by TJ Maxx before heading home (in my defense, it’s on the way)

Of course the one I was MOST excited about was the spread!

So excited that I just HAD to find a way to incorporate it into last night’s dinner. So I roasted up half a kabocha (my fave) and stuffed it with cottage cheese, chickpeas, and the garlic and fig spread…

And then I figured, hell, why not add some cinnamon pickles and peach pecan jam too? 😉

Mind blown yet again!

Now about that title…join Kristin and me as we celebrate our awesome foodie finds! Just add #funfinds to any image you upload on Twitter and/or Instagram so we can all envy/drool over/devise a plan to sneak into your house and steal your goodies! 😉

What #funfinds have you discovered recently?

Anybody got any recipes for healthy tapioca pudding?

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34 Responses to #FunFinds Friday

  1. Well my little foodie mind has been blown and in the mood to hit the kitchen and make something yummy! I went to a new grocery store in our area the other day which felt like a smaller Whole Foods but more along the lines of Trader Joes prices. If I did the grocery shopping (that’s dad’s job – ha!), I’d go everyday! 😉

  2. wow. that store does look like a foodie paradise. 🙂 i’ve never tried making my own tapioca pudding before, but if you find a good recipe, i hope you pass it on!

  3. kolya says:

    Another contender for the weird foodie club…coming from a proud member! That shop sounds heavenly but dangerous for me to even get near (:

  4. purelytwins says:

    too be honest never had tapioca pudding, always looks good but never had it! so glad that your trip was such a success, love finding cute little food shops like that! as you never know what you will find!

  5. mmmm That peach pecan jam sounds heavenly! I love those world peas things, to die for. I could spend hours walking around food stores, especially little ones with crazy awesome products!! Ps, I finally made your red velvet cake parfait, it was delicious you are a genius!!! I topped it with some Justin’s Vanilla almond butter (best ever), and it made my morning! Im going to try your tiramisu pancakes next!

  6. When I was a kid I used to pour myself a massive bowl of Lucky Charms and ONLY eat the marshmallows – clearly I need to get my hands on that bag!

    I kind of want to live in that store. 😀

  7. Robyn :) says:

    I would have bought the marshmallows too!! We had a craft fair here recently and I always buy jelly. One of them was Dandelion Jelly. That was a fun find! I haven’t tried it, yet.

  8. I would have went crraaaazy in that place, haha! So glad you got the marshmellows – good call. That kabocha/cottage cheese combo is genius!

  9. lindsay says:

    love those kind of shops!! eat up! i love th garlic fig jam. ii found that one here in TX too!

    tapicoa pudding? use greek yogurt and whey protein and peanut flour.

  10. The garlic and fig spread looks amazing!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      It really IS! So different from what I was expecting! It sounds weird, but it’s kind of like a joining of the two flavors instead of a mix…some bites taste garlicky and some are more figgy! And it’s amazing with goat cheese! I really need to see about recreating it! 😀

  11. Jessie says:

    Cinnamon Pickles… my word they sound delicious! Okra chips!! Now that I know that’s what my foodie pen pal sent, I must say they are amazing! I just finished them last night.. and now after seeing yours, I WANT MORE!!!

    Have an awesome weekend lovahh xo

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Yeah, as soon as I saw them on your post I was like, “OKRAAAAAAA!” They are SO good! Right up there with dried green beans…I always end up picking those out of the veggie mixes! 😉

      Hope you have a great weekend too gorgeous!

  12. You got the marshmallows!!!! Omigoshhhhhh! That’s seriously what I dreamt about when I was a kid. I remember opening my boxes of Lucky Charms and picking all of the marshmallows. I wasn’t crazy about the actual cereal, but the clovers, rainbows, diamonds, and moons? Loved them! I’ve honestly never seen anything even remotely close to that being sold around here, so I clearly need to come visit and go shopping with you… I’ll be sure to leave my semi at home, though 😉

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh girl, you crack me up! Yes, be sure to leave your semi, but don’t forget to bring your trucker hat…I know a few places that’ll give ya a sweet deal if your wearing one of those! Bahaha!

      I never picked out the marshmallows…but only because I knew my mom would KILL me if she caught me doing it! Lol What’s funny is she always told me to stay out of the cereal except for breakfast, but I would find little ways to sneak it as my afternoon snack (I was a latch-key kid for years…sorry mom, when I’m home alone, I make the rules! Lol)

  13. Oh wow that totally does look like your kind of place! Although I am fortunate to live in a large city where there are multiple Whole Foods’ and Trader Joes’, I always love when I come across smaller natural foods stores and co-ops.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Multiple? MULTIPLE?! I think I just died a little inside! 😉 Lol

      I have a feeling this place is going to get me in trouble! There used to be a small natural food store here in town (where I was able to find nutritional yeast and kombucha) but sadly, after years of struggling financially, Kohl’s moved in, rent went up, and they had to close their doors. Now I give Kohl’s the stank eye every time I drive by! haha!

  14. Oh my gosh so many awesome finds – reminds me of the Amish Country kinda but with even more stuff. Totally jealous. I ran out of coconut flour too so you already know I wish I could have gone there, I would have stocked up really nicely. Looks like an awesome store 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh no! I was hoarding my last few cups of coconut flour since I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to make a trip to Nashville…now I’m pretty sure I have enough to last me half the year! Lol

  15. I love discovering new food stores like this! Don’t worry, I can spend an hour in one too. 😉 I like to make sure I don’t miss ANYTHING!

    That roasted garlic and fig spread sounds amazing! I’ve seen that brand at stores before, so I’ll have to keep my eye out for it. 😀

    I’ve been a really boring foodie lately and I don’t think I’ve had any new food finds… maybe I’ll do that as a study break this week haha.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha, sounds like a great way to relax the mind to me! I love going foodie “adventure shopping” whenever I need to just zone out and have fun! 😀 But can you believe after all that time, I realized once I got home that I never even looked at all the flours! Which is probably a good thing since I’m a bit grain obsessed! I still have a package of sorghum flour that I’ve never even opened! Lol

      The fig spread is so…unique! I almost didn’t buy it thinking I could just as easily make something similar, but now I’m glad I got it! It’s almost like having the two flavors side by side instead of mixed together…does that make sense? Like some bites taste more garlicky and some bites are more figgy! 🙂

  16. Dolly says:

    I would have grabbed those Lucky Charm Marshmallows too!!! I have never seen them sold like that! My 3 yr old son always wants Lucky Charms and then he only eats the marshmallows…lol

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! I may or may not have made my OWN version of Lucky Charms with a mix of puffed kamut, Kashi Go Lean, and these babies…and called it dinner! 😉 Ha! Take THAT Mr. Leprechaun! Lol

  17. Okay, now I’m totally jealous. Not only is Germany devoid of bulk stores at all but we can’t find Lucky Charms, either.

    What are those Apple Ginger snack cakes like? They sound tasty!

    My latest foodie find, ahem, obsession, is hazelnut milk that tastes like Nutella – I swear it does! Seeing as it’s agave-sweetened I pretend it to be a perfectly healthy way to enjoy nougat-y goodness at breakfast time.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      No way! Nutella?! You struck a gold mine with that one girlie! I’d be just as obsessed with it I’m sure! 😉 But Lucky Charms denied? Total bummer! 🙁

      The apple ginger cake is a new-to-me find. I debated getting it for like 10 minutes, knowing I could probably make my own for cheaper, but I couldn’t help it…I was lured in by the promise of 13g of protein per serving! I’m hoping to bake them up tomorrow to have for this week’s lunches so I’ll let you know how they are!

  18. What a great find. Awesome country store. I love that you found and bought lucky charms marshmallows. I used to pick them out of the box when I was a kid.

  19. I’ll be right over….have coffee and marshmallows ready please!!! yay:)

  20. I need those cinnamon pickles and garlic fig spread!!

  21. I like that you and I have the same idea of heaven.

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