Winter Rants & Other Rambles

Hey hey, it’s Thursday!

Annnnnnd cue the randomness!

Snopocalpse Winter 2014.jpg

Behold: Snowpocalpse!

1. It sleeted and hailed all night Sunday and come Monday morning, we had one gigantic sheet of ice UNDER about two inches of snow. And whatever has thawed in the last couple of days only refreezes each night. I swear I lose a life each and every time I have to skate my way through the parking lot at the hospital…

Elvira Winter 2014 Snow.jpg

2. Or when I have to hike up the mountain that IS my driveway! Poor little Elvira has had to sit out in the cold every single day this week while I pull out my ropes and harness in order to make it to the front door!

Crazy Tennessee Weather

3. But get a load of the forecast for the next week! LOOK AT TOOOOOOOESDAY!?!
Yep, that’s Tennessee weather for ya! And for all my metric friends out there, 68°F = 20°C…yeah, I know!

Grocery Haul

4. I was honestly a bit surprised to find eggs still on the shelf when I went to grab some groceries the other day. And yeah, let it be known that I only went in for EGGS!

Question: Anyone tried these Al Fresco sausages before?
‘Nother question: Who wants to come over for breakfast?

Bring biscuits!

5. I actually ran by the store after my doctor’s appointment. Remember how I told you guys I was going to be seeing a therapist for my insomnia? Well how about during our next appointment, he wants to HYPNOTIZE ME!! After being asked if I would be comfortable trying this technique, I laughed a little and said BRING IT…just don’t make me bark like a dog! 😉

P28 Bagel with Blueberry Jam Quark & Bee Pollen

6. After Meghan linked up to an article on bee pollen the other day, I took my bottle out, blew off the dust, and sprinkled it onto yes, ANOTHER bagel! This time with blueberry (jam) spiked quark which I’ve decided that I sorta kinda like…but only when it’s mixed with sweet stuff.

7. A friend told me about Molly Gabraith’s 28-Day Love Your Body Challenge that’s currently going on this month and even though I’m a few days late, I’m totally jumping in on this! I think I’ve come leaps and bounds in the area of self-love since this summer, but lately, I’ve been feeling more of an indifference toward my body with the occasional, “ohhhh look at ‘dat ass!” and well, to be honest, I’d like the scale to tip a bit on that…pun definitely NOT intended!

Very Vanilla Vegan Pancake FAIL 9

8. So how about Tuesday was National Pancake Day…and the Pancake QUEEN did
NOT celebrate?! #fail

Sorry guys…I’m still just not feeling it!


9. Oh and speaking of feeling…I FEEL like I’m coming down with a cold! Not sure if it’s the weather or my friend’s son who sneezed all over me the other day, but my throat has been sore ALL week. Needless to say I’ve been sucking down Emergen-C like it’s my job. Favorite flavor? Pink LemONNNNNade! 😀

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10. Since I started cruising through all of the “moody” playlists on Spotify, which have a LOT of incredible indie tracks I might add, I’ve realized something…Lorde is pretty freakin’ awesome! I know, I know…I’m behind the times, but I don’t care, especially when I have this song on repeat!


Thank YOU to Amanda, my savior for Thursday post ideas! Now hop on over to Spoons and see what everybody else has on their minds this week! 😀

What song have you been loving lately?

Who wants to join me in the Love Yourself Challenge?!

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