Marvelously Spontaneous!

I’m not the kind of person who needs a plan.

So this weekend, I embraced my spontaneity! On Friday afternoon, I jumped in the car and drove…



Laura & Me

To see this girl!

Cheese & Wine

To stuff myself silly with cheese, crackers, and crudites!

Valentines Day Dinner with Laura

To dine like a queen among amazing company!

Laura, Sarena, & Me - Gym

To wake up bright and (not so) early, meet up with THIS girl, and quite literally have my ass handed to me by a trainer whose neck is easily the size of my thigh…and of course, loving every minute of it!

To spend the rest of the day not taking pictures, but instead, galavanting all across Atlanta’s sunny (but still frigidly cold) streets, shopping, sampling, and farmers marketing!

Atlanta La Tavola Trattoria - Ravioli, Calamari, Scallops

To swoon over things like kale and braised pork ravioli with brown butter (HEAVEN!) sauce, grilled calamari with roasted cauliflower and pickled red onions, and seared scallops over sunchoke puree (I want that stuff on my FACE!) with poached fennel in chive butter!

For the record, I HIGHLY recommend La Tavola!

Peanut Butter Mousse Chocolate Cake

To share a midnight snack (or 2am dessert) of the creamiest peanut butter mousse cake while a certain someone tried convincing me that the Buzzfeed quiz wasn’t wrong when it told me I should live in Georgia.

Unfortunately, time really DOES fly when you’re having fun and eight short hours later, I was BACK in the car, heading north, and belting out some Bon Jovi.

But the spontaneity didn’t stop there! I decided that since this was my THIRD time traveling to/from Atlanta, that it was high time I actually stopped at some of the places that have caught my eye in times past. While I was a bit too tired to conquer the outlet mall in Calhoun, I did visit a couple of wineries!

Beans Creek Winery

And after spending 45 minutes at the second one, sipping and talking wine with the other passersby, I left with a bottle of Port, a membership to their wine club, and mayyyyyyybe a bit of a buzz? Oops? 😉

I finally (and safely) made it home around 4pm…just enough time to get a two-hour nap before I had to get ready to go to work put my “lucky” shirt on and camp out in front of my computer waiting for registration for Blend to open!

Blend 2013 Shirt

And while I had already planned to go to Blend this year, I would just like to announce the TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER spontaneity that Meghan exercised yesterday by deciding to go after Laura and I sent her a very “encouraging” text message!



And that my friends, is nothing SHORT of  MARVELOUS! 😀

When was the last time you did something without a plan?

Where should YOU live according to Buzzfeed?

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