Thinking Out Loud: Cookies, Bananas, & A Wine Party

Hello, friends!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week! Today’s Thursday…which means you’re (since mine technically starts today) one day closer to the weekend …which means that I’m wasting precious word count because we all know that Thursday’s are best for thinking out loud…and I’ve got a LOT on my mind today!

Like how there are only FOURTEEN days (and you know, like 1500 miles) standing between me and Park City, Utah! Two weeks people! And I have YET to do any dress shopping! Ahhhhh! I guess the bright side is that with all the extra hours I’ve been picking up at the hospital lately, I can pretty much spend whatever…though we all know where I’ll be looking first, right? 😉

And speaking of my favoritest store in the whole wiiiiiide world, I took a little trip there last weekend, practiced an ungodly amount of restraint around the athletic wear section, and happened upon a couple of gems…



I’ve never thought about drinking macaroons before, but holy YUM! It’s funny, I don’t usually find creme brulee flavored coffee to have a strong enough taste for me, but this one is SPOT on! Of course, you know the only trouble with that…I’ll probably never find it again! Guess I’ll just have to add it to the TJ Maxx treasure list along with Mini Pops, any and ALL dips made by Terrapin Ridge Farms, annnnnnnd…



Just when I thought I was set for a while on my beloved ginger chews, I spotted not one, but TWO bags of the orange flavor…which I haven’t seen in a store since…well, since the last time I went on a crazy ginger mission (double entendre totally intended!) all across Nashville!

So remember how I said I wasn’t a fan of baked cookies & cream Quest bars? Well, allow me to make a little addendum to that statement…

Broiled Cookies & Cream Quest Bar

Because BROILED cookies & cream Quest bars are the SHIIIIIIT!

Seriously, the crispy crunch on the outside with the soft and almost gooey inside? The “cream” takes on the perfect consistency! Oh…and schmear a little almond butter on that baby and you’ve got yourself the ULTIMATE cookie combo!

Oh and speaking of almond butter, look what I made!

Banana Bread Muffins


But not just any muffans muffins! Oh no. Those, my friends, would be Amanda’s Banana Bread Muffins that I’ve been coveting for weeks now…WEEKS I tell ya! And after my SECOND trip to the store for bananas, there was NO WAY I was letting a little thing as “maybe their too ripe” to stand in my way!


Because near-fossilized bananas still make some DAMN tasty muffins! C’mon…it’s not like they were very fuzzy or anything! 😉

Banana Bread Muffin

Now to make these babies last throughout the weekend? Perhaps they’ll help fuel my mad dash around Clarksville for that dress I’m in desperate need of? And then I can come home and celebrate!

Wine Club

Maybe with just a little wine? 

Ha! So how about my first wine club delivery came in the other day (and the damn Fedex man woke me up TWO HOURS early…damn it’s hard being a gansta wino!) and now, with the three bottles I purchased during wine fest, the two bottles of white in the fridge, and the bottle of red that’s open on the counter, I have…


Alright, who’s coming over? Or more importantly, who’s bringing the crackers? Because we ALL know I’ve got the cheese thing covered! 😉


Be sure to hop on over to Spoons, give our hostess a little shout, and check out all the other random bits flying through blogworld! Have a great day guys! I’ll “see” you back here tomorrow with a fun little survey!

What is your favorite store/thing to shop for?

What’s the last thing that you baked?

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