Currently: May

Hey guys!

Um, yeah, remember me?

Haiiiiii! 😀

I’ll be honest, I’m not back for good…BUT I thought I’d pop in with a little “Currently” post since I have so much fun with them…plus, I have a little something for you too…but you’ll have to wait for that!

Current Book:


 Well, now that I’ve finished IE, I’m back to bonding with my zombies…who knows, maybe I’ll finish the FIRST book of the series before the year is up! 😉

Current Music:

I’ve been loving Radioactive by Imagine Dragons for over a month now (seriously, I played it THREE times during my walk at the park yesterday)…plus, the more times I sing along, the better chance I have of getting the new Selena Gomez song out of my head!

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Giving in…rolling the windows down UP…and blasting some Selena Gomez! 😉

Current Nail Color:

 Naked but soon to be covered in springtime fun!


Current Drink:

Ranch Dressing

Oh wait, does ranch dressing count?? Wait, why am I asking that…of COURSE it does!

Current Food:

I seem to have had one love affair after another this month.

First it was cereal…

Cereal Collage.

Then it was veggies

Salad Collage

Then it was cereal granola & muelsi

Cereal, Granola, Muesli

Then it was veggies (and tuna melts…mmm!)…


Then things sorta got a crazy…

Peas & Granola

Let’s face it, I’ll always be a…

Cereal Killer Spoon

Seriously, Ashley knows me TOO well!

Current Favorite Show:

What is it with you people and television?!…I have blogs to read, parks to walk, and produce to eat!

Current Wish List:

Ha! Actually, I’m looking to get RID of stuff! I am in serious purger mode right now…I went through the house the other day, all in the name of “spring cleaning” and then took TWO bags to the dump, ONE box to Goodwill, and ONE kitchen table to Craig’s List!

Current Needs:

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…and someone to buy my kitchen table! 😉

Current Triumphs:

I miss you guys dearly, but honestly, I am really proud of myself for taking this little blogging hiatus. I’ve really been trying to focus on myself lately…on my wants and needs…and with Jamie’s help, I think I’ve really made some progress on that in the last week.

You'll Never Leave Quote

Current Bane of Existence:

 Not really a “bane”, but to elaborate a bit on what I mentioned above, I’m really working on my perception…what I want AND need…and learning to really nurture myself.

Current Celebrity Crush:

Selena? Yeah…no!

Current Indulgence:

Wild Squirrel & WhoNu Cookies

Almond butter that I SWEAR tastes just like Oreo cookies with cookies that are 5 million times better than Oreos…and “healthy” 😉

Get it…do it…NOW!

Current Blessing:

My friends, my family, my Blends, and all you other crazy people out there who actually care enough about me to read my little diddles!

Little diddles?! 😆

Current Slang:

Today I typed “totes” in a text meaning to say totally but just feeling lazy…my eye immediately started twitching. I deleted it and typed out the full word.

I guess I’m just not hip like all you other kids out there! 😉

Current Outfit:

 Oh who cares?! I’m getting bored! Let’s get to the excitement already!

Current Excitement:

See below…

Current Link:

Craig’s List? 😉

Current Mood:

Finally! I’m EXCITED! And you know why?! Because I’ve got a SURPRISE!

Blend Swag Giveaway - Kiss My Broccoli

Remember how I said I was “spring cleaning”?

Welllllllllll, I realized I have a bit of a problem with food hoarding

I’ve got TOO much swag!


Plus, I figured it could be a little “thank you for waiting patiently while I figure out my shit” present! 😉

Swag Giveaway Pic 1 Swag Giveaway Pic 2 Swag Giveaway Pic 3 Swag Giveaway Pic 4Swag Giveaway Pic 5

To enter, leave me a comment telling me what item you’re most excited to try!

There is only ONE requirement…you can’t have gone to Blend (c’mon…that’s just not fair!)

Other than that, it’s open to EVERYONE ANYWHERE!

I’ll chose a winner randomly and announce it next Friday the 7th…which just so happens to be my lucky number…hopefully it’ll bring some luck to YOU! 😀

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