Currently: February

Hey guys!

I hope you are all doing well on this LAST day of February!
Wow, can you believe it?!

And what better way to celebrate the end of another month (which will thankfully only bring us closer to SPRING), than with some THINGS? 😉

Thursday Things

Yep, I liked doing last month’s post so much, I figured I’d keep it around for a while! Plus, I think it’s a good way to sum up all the THINGS from the month!


Current Book:

The SAME!! Actually, I think I’m even on the SAME PAGE! Ugh! It’s not that it’s not interesting, the author has an amazing talent for imagery, I just can’t seem to find more than 20 minutes to sit and read!


Current Music:

“Symptoms” by Atlas Genius. I fell in LOVE with this duo when they released their song “Trojans” last summer. This one proves to be another winner AND it’s a free download on iTunes right now! 😀

Current Guilty Pleasure:

So the other day I went to the store for mouthwash…and I came out with this bottle of bubble-gummy childhood NOSTALGIA and I absolutely LOVE it!

Guilty Pleasure

Current Nail Color:

Au naturale…but not by choice. This sucky winter weather has made it nearly impossible for my nails to grow 🙁

Current Drink:

Hot water…no lemon…no tea…I know, I’m a weird!


Current Food:

Anything so long as it’s dipped, drizzled, or COVERED in Healthy Chocolate Sauce!

Apples & Healthy Chocolate Sauce

Crisp Pink Lady apples…

Yogurt & Cereal with Pom Arils & Chocolate Sauce

Creamy & crunchy yogurt bowls…


Or gluten-free, dairy-free, VEGAN pancakes!

Oh but wait…I’m getting ahead of myself! That’s not until SUNDAY! 😀

Current Favorite Show:

Zip…Zilch…Nada…I’m too busy bathing in chocolate sauce! 😉

Current Wish List:

Lacuma…aka EGGFRUIT POWDER!…oh yes, this is happening ASAP!

Current Needs:

Sleep…because seriously, I’ve run out of things to clean!

Current Triumphs:

The Elvis Waffle with Chocolate & BACON!

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII maaaaaaaaaaaade WAAAAAAAAFFLES!!! :mrgreen:

Current Bane of Existence:

Suck It Winter

Current Celebrity Crush:

Ok, so I know last month I said I never really to the whole celebrity crush thing, but man, have you SEEN Joseph Gordon-Levitt lately? I just watched Premium Rush the other day and caught a preview for Looper before it started…um, HOW did I miss seeing that?!

Current Indulgence:

PB Toast Crunch

I was a bit disappointed with the PB Toast Crunch at first, then it started to grow on me, THEN I combined it with the last half of my strawberry Arctic Zero and…

Omg, PB&J Heavvvvvvvven!

And now I’m kinda sort of hoarding the rest of the box until I can get more AZ! 😉

Current Blessing:

Having the love and support from all of YOU!! Seriously, I’ve been rereading some of the comments from Monday’s post and I really can’t thank you all enough for the advice and kind words! ♥

Current Slang:

Well, can’t think of any slang I’ve been using…but I HAVE been cursing like a sailor lately! Umm, sorry mom! 😳

Current Outfit:

Fuzzy Slippers

Styling and profiling! Annnnd…

Bed Head

Some bed head to go with it Proof that I don’t type ALL of my posts at work! 😉

Current Excitement:

Pancake CollageDid you know the last week of February is National Pancake Week?!

Have YOU celebrated?

Current Link:

Foodgawker…in the last week I’ve had FOUR out of nine pictures accepted! 😀

Current Mood:

A little nervous. I went to the doctor last week for the follow-up on my knee…since I started having pain again, he wants to do an arthroscope (a minor surgery that consists of inserting a small camera into my knee) to evaluate the damage of my meniscal tear…if it’s bad enough, he’ll repair it while he’s in there.

After the procedure, I’m told I can’t go back to work for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Oh, and they already gave me a set of crutches…um, yeah, this should be fun! 😕

Guess that just means there will be plenty of time to read, paint my nails, and find more stuff to slather in chocolate sauce!

But what there isn’t any more time for? Entries for my Sambazon giveaway! Click the link to see if you’re the big winner!

So, what’s one (or more) of YOUR February things?
Sharing is caring! 😀


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