FOOD Things

Hey guys!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!

The other day, I was thumbing…er, clicking? through some pics on my computer and I realized that there have been quite a few things that have slipped under the radar lately…I also realized that it’s been a while since I’ve done a “things” post…hmm, how convenient that it’s Thursday! 😉

1. Ethiopian Food

A few weeks ago, I met up with Allie in Nashville for my very first Ethiopian food experience. She suggested I try one of the sampler platters (which was a great idea since I was having such a hard time choosing) so I ordered the meat and veggie sampler…which came out on a platter HALF the size of our table!

Starting at the top, left-right:
Salad, cabbage, beets with goat cheese, ground beef, lamb, chicken, split peas, chicken and carrots, and some of THE BEST collard greens I’ve ever eaten!

And a big mess of bread to gather it all up with!

Pretty sure Ethiopian is now one of my TOP favorite cuisines…I’ve been dreaming of it since that afternoon and can’t WAIT to go back!

Hint, hint…wink, wink, Allie! 😉

2. Weird Food

If you’ve been reading my blog long, you already know about my weird food tendencies, but do you know of my LOVE for BBQPB&J?

The latest #weirdfoodclub submission:
Steamed spaghetti squash mixed with peanut flour and topped with BBQ seasoning, FROG jam, and fresh figggggggggggs!

3. Mystery Food

On a trip to the Nashville farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a little label-less melon/fruit/thing at the international food store and well, I figured my chances of understanding the man behind the counter should ask my dumb American questions were pretty slim, so I just took my chances…


Soft and squishy and sweet with hard (but edible) seeds…any ideas?

4. Kryptonic Food

I had my first Pinkberry experience a few weeks ago…chocolate hazelnut and gingerbread swirl topped with dark chocolate drops, granola, and gingersnap cook
ie crumbs.

Tasty AND pretty (thank you Mr. Fro-yo man) but I still prefer my Sweet Cece’s and their wall-to-wall, help-yourself-but-break-the-bank toppings! 😉

And as of yesterday, the battle is on…my co-workers have officially started in on the Christmas baking…and if there is ONE thing that breaks my willpower, it’s a FREE cookie!

Let’s hope there won’t be as much  “swinkling” as there was last year! 😉

5. Pictures of Food

Just aren’t happening!

My work schedule has been CRAZY this week, so unfortunately, Nikki and I just haven’t had the time to properly bond. I have tried snapping a few pictures, but they’re just not coming out right. Eventually, I’ll have time to sit down and really get to know my new little girl, but until then, I have a 4 hour training seminar (on my day off), a hot date ;), and a fun-filled birthday weekend planned…

So you’ll forgive me if we post-pone Pancake Sunday for another week?

Promise I’ll share at least a few details from my date! 😉

And speaking of birthdays…be sure to enter KMB’s birthday giveaway if you haven’t already! A FULL case of Chobani to ONE lucky winner!

Giveaway ends at midnight tonight!

Have you had any new, weird, mysterious, or kryptonic food lately?

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