Tastin’, Trippin’ & Tradin’

Hey there punkins!

I hope the week is treating you all well! On Thursday, I made an impulse decision and called to get an appointment for a massage…luckily I was able to slide into a spot TODAY and I swear, it was one of the BEST ones I’ve ever received!

This face should serve as proof:

Ahh, my body is jello!

Having the day all to myself last Thursday definitely helped to me unwind…actually, I think it gave me just the boost I needed! Since last week, my stress level has been SO much better and I’m pretty sure it has to do with an amazing weekend with BB!

After with our trip to the strawberry ranch on Saturday, we decided to stop in the local winery for a little tasting:

Honestly, we HAD plans after that, but let’s just say after you “taste” over half the menu, driving an hour to the lake is not the safest bet!

We ended up just chilling at the house for the rest of the night…saving up our energy for Sunday…


Yep, I get THIS excited about trips to Nashville that include grocery shopping. 🙂

I went to the farmer’s market for one thing: To stock up on my
FROG preserves…

Unfortunately Fortunately, I came out with a few more items!

The orange date nut honey jelly is to.die.for!

And so is this amazing hand-popped kettlecorn!

Two cake batters (OMG!) for me and one spicy cajun for BB!

Hey, they were buy two get one free! 😉

Next up, Trader Joe’s!

I made sure to grab my favorites (tempeh, firm tofu, hot & sweet mustard, fig butter, almond butter, and plantain chips), but I also picked up some new snackage and a couple of guilty pleasures (hello, chocolate overload!)

While I was grinding up the “limited edition” coffee (for some reason, I have a weakness for seasonal items), I spotted the vanilla chai-spiced coffee. You may have noticed it on my WIAW post…

Seriously people, if you like the flavor of chai spice, you’ve GOT to get your hands on some of this!

I am in luvvvvvvvvvvv!

After spending God only knows how long winding up and down the FOUR aisles at Trader Joe’s, BB and I were off to Whole Foods!

I really didn’t need anything, but how could I pass up a chance to oogle/stalk/sniff the hot bar?!

All new-to-me items…can’t wait to try the spinach fettuccine!

And guess what! When you oogle the hot bar with BB around, wishes come true!!

His & Hers

Notice his is the one filled to the brim with meat! 😉

And speaking of meat, I just HAVE to show you what BB ending up coming home with at the end of the day…

Dried meat, meat in a can, meat rolled with cheese, seafood rolled with cheese, more seafood…oh yeah, and some nuts.


And last but CERTAINLY not least, our trip ended with a stop by my favorite fro-yo shop!

Heaven forbid there ever be a franchise opportunity for a Sweet CeCe’s in Clarksville…I’ll be like 500 pounds…

Because as much as I love fresh fruit, I can never pass up the chance to load my cup with what looks like a unicorn explosion!

Lemon and vanilla swirl topped with unicorn entrails…aka Fruitty Pebbles cereal and SPRINKLES!!!

Yep, by the end of the day I was high on life…or maybe that was all the sugar…and I didn’t have a stressful thought in my head!

Are you a sucker for labels (closeout sale, limited time, etc) like me?

Tell me something about your week!
I’m still waaaaay behind in my blog reading and I feel like I’m missing out!

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