Today Is My Birthday!

So I’m gonna do what I want. I won’t feel guilty about…

Going to TJ Maxx to scout out more mini popcorn

And coming back with a just a “bit” more! 😉

Yeah, I guess we can just forget about that whole pantry challenge thing…

But it’s totally worth it for these #funfinds!

Staying up till 5am getting sucked into a new series…

Seriously, how cute is little Michael Cera?

Or licking clean finishing off an ENTIRE bag of mini pops while aforementioned “sucking” was taking place.


Because TODAY is my birthday and…

Wait, I’d do this stuff any day! 😉

But I can only choose a Chobani winner on THIS day!

So, “happy birthday” to…


I’m emailing you now! 😀

Life’s too short to feel guilty…what have you done for yourself lately?

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