Freaky Friday

Yeah, so I’m sure that’s a post title you haven’t seen today? What can I say, I’m an original! *brushes fingertips across chest*

So, anybody have any weird and crazy things happen to them today? I’m not superstitious, but if there is ONE thing you learn when working in the hospital, it is this: there is SOME truth in the whole cycle of the moon/Friday the 13th thing…don’t believe me? Venture into an emergency room on the next full moon…it won’t take long to see the signs (bonus points if they look like dude from the bookstore!)

Now that I’m off work, I can officially say (without jinxing myself) that today was surprisingly a fairly normal day. So what makes this post worthy of the “Freaky Friday” title? Well, that would be my latest PB&J obsession!

Watch out PB&J Hummus, there’s a new kid in town!

When Jessica told me about her favorite PB&J, I have to admit I was a little curious. But then, the more I thought about it, the more I COULDN’T STOP thinking about it…I mean, seriously? Peanut butter and jelly with barbecue tofu?!?!

Is that girl on crack?!

So I bought this

and some bread

Anyone tried this brand before? Seriously, it’s the best thing since sliced…wait,
uh, you know what I mean!

Soft, pillowy, and DELICIOUS!

Yes officer, I recognize him. The short one with the black hat…
he’s the one that took over my PB&J!

The unsuspecting PB&J

Then for the fun!

Sneak peek

Going for a bite!

Mmmmm! Smack yo mama!

That girl is most definitely NOT on crack!

But this sandwich is definitely MY crack!

Thick and gooey peanut butter

Sweet FROG (fig, raspberry, orange, ginger) preserves

Sweet ‘n spicy barbecue sauce

Soft cushy bread

And a glass of almond milk!


And, because I can never leave well enough alone…

Somewhere, a vegetarian/vegan just died at the sight of this.

There is probably a special place in hell for people who combine tofu and bacon.

I’ll bring the marshmallows!


Barbecue chicken PB&J anyone?

Ok, so I was having a bit of fun with this…but then the REAL magic happened!

*Light bulb*

Peanut butter and jelly
with pan-fried chicken breast in stir-fry sauce (or soy sauce)
chopped scallions and a
sprinkle of
sesame seeds


Knock it


You try it!

How do you like your PB&J? Any Elvis lovers out there? Are Jess & I the only weirdos?

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