WIATIFTBA: A Vegan Meat Sandwich

Hiya kids!

Welcome to the post for the short-term memory-challenged…

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What I Ate That I Forgot to Blog About!

Big thanks to Jenn and her weekly blog party for giving me a reason to scour my photo library and RE-discover these gems! And since these pics just happen to be full of GREEN, coinciding with our latest WIAW theme, perhaps you’ll forgive the fact that they’re almost a MONTH OLD?!

Oops? 😕

This particular weekend of deliciousness started with the man-friend and me satisfying a HUGE craving…


A doughy, cheesy, get-in-my-face pizza kind of craving!

Old Chicago

We were both eager to try out Old Chicago’s new Tavern Thin Crust pizza and since I just happened to get a coupon in the mail that week, we figured it must’ve been a sign! 😉

I ordered an individual-size topped with my pizza must-haves:
Mushrooms, red onions, green peppers and black olives.

And the man-friend went with a large topped with manly must-haves:

And no, you didn’t read that wrong…nor are your eyes messing with you. Notice the pies are the same size? Well, the kitchen goofed and ended up making us TWO LARGES…buuuuuut we were only charged for the sizes we ordered.

See, I told you it was a sign! 😉

The next day, I met up with my favorite purple-haired, chicken-loving gal at a new-to-me restaurant in Nashville…one of our ONLY vegan options, The Wild Cow!

Vegan Artichoke Dip

We started out with a plate of spinach and (heavy on the) artichoke dip along with some perfectly seasoned crostini.

Then it was time to bring it on down to Veganvilllllllllle….

Wild Cow

Buffalo tempeh salad for Allie and a seitan Philly with a side of garlicky kale for me!

I tried a bite of Allie’s tempeh and while it was a bit spicy for me, I thought it had a good flavor. My sandwich was absolutely amazing…filled with “meaty” seitan, peppers and onions, stuffed inside a perfectly toasted whole wheat bun…and the “cheese”? YUM!

After we’d finished basking in the glory of our veggie-filled lunch, we decided to head next door for some dessert at Jenni’s

Jenni's Ice Cream

Because you know, the best way to end a VEGAN lunch is with ICE CREAM! 😉

After sampling HALF the store (I kid you NOT!), I ended up going with a scoop of the goat cheese with red cherries and the pistachio honey!

There were SO many incredible flavors to choose from: toasted coconut, wild berry lavender (that tasted like friggin’ Fruity Pebbles!), Bangkok peanut butter (with a nice spicy kick), and they even had an absinthe flavor that was soooo interesting!

I will DEFINITELY be going back!

On my way home that night, I took a small detour and headed over to have dinner with the parentals. My sister, Tori, was at work that night so it was just the three of us!

Stew & Mustard

Mama’s homemade beef and vegetable stew with a side of Heather’s #strangebutgood crackers! And a little un-pictured dip (or three) into the sweet pickle jar for a little appetizer! 😉

Later that night, back at Casa de Broccoli, was when I first discovered February’s Indulgence

PB&J Sundae

PB annnnnnnnnnd J!

Because you can never have too much ice cream

Because I needed an excuse to eat cereal

Because I wanted it!

What is the last craving you satisfied?

Did you catch Justin Timberlake latest hosting of SNL?
I may be behind the times but I watched it on Hulu last night and laughed until I almost cried!

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