Blend By Number



Miles from Clarksville, TN to Park City, Utah.


Blend 2013 Flight Food & Fun

Snakes Snacks on a plane with the best travel buddy EVER!

Am I the only one skeeved out by water in a can? Oh, and they totally confiscated my dip on the way back…damn TSA hummus-haters! And yes, that is wine next to my carrots…totally needed after being bomb screened AND having a mental breakdown right as we were about to take off because I thought I lost my phone! Oops? :-/


Blend 2013 Lindsay, Katie, Janetha

Amazing women who worked VERY HARD to pull off a fabulous fun-filled weekend!


Blend 2013 Park City Resort

Breath-taking location at a resort that made me want to quote Pretty Woman.

“The bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana!”

Now if only the elevators had come with sofas for two! 😉


Blend 2013 Meals

Pics from the THREE fantastic sponsor-hosted meals…I’ll do my best to narrow them done for Wednesday’s post! 😉


Blend 2013 GPP Workouts

Burpees, squats, pushups, and tricep dips…led by GPP Fitness…and about 418 sore muscles today to prove it!

Please refer to Katie’s shirt in the second pic 😉


Blend 2013 Zumba

Sexual innuendos made during our impromtu Zumba class led by the spunky, sexy, and wonderful Annette.

I am seriously in LOVE with this girl…she must’ve seduced me! 😉


Blend 2013 Night OutGlass clinks on our night out on the town.


Blend 2013 Swag

POUNDS of swag.

Which I have NO idea where I’m going to put and thus is still sitting in my kitchen floor FOUR hours after unpacking it!


Blend 2013 Bob's Redmill Gift Card

Dollars to spend thanks to Bob’s Redmill and my luck during the closing ceremony raffle!

Wonder what should I get??


Blend 2013

Days that went by FAR too fast!


Blend 2013 Memories

Blend 2013 Memories 2

Blend 2013 Memories

 ♥ Laughs shared, hugs given, and MARVELOUS memories made! ♥

Now I have TWO loads of laundry to do and a TEN hour night shift to get ready for so I will “see” you guys later! 😀

Be sure to head on over to Healthy Diva Life to check out the marvelousness from everyone else’s weekend!


What are your go-to travel snacks?

Have you ever been on a retreat/conference or met another blogger face-to-face?




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