Thinking Out Loud: Duck, Duck, VEGAN!

Hey there my little Broccoli bites!

I’ve got a lot on my mind today so howabouts we just get to it, mmkay?

The weather has been FANTASTIC this week! I’m really hoping it carries on into the weekend so I can fully enjoy it, but I did squeeze in a little time before work the other day for a nice walk at the park.

Baby Geese at the Park

And look, baby geese! Aren’t they cute…um, even though they’d peck out your eyes in a heartbeat??

Yesterday morning, when I got off work, I went home, took a Benedryl and slept for EIGHT HOURS! But the best part was when I woke up, I actually felt rested…something that hasn’t happened in over a week! Please join me in standing in my chair and praising the heavens! 😉

And speaking of things I’ve been missing…hot yoga! I haven’t been since LAST Sunday and I can definitely tell a difference! I wanted to go before leaving for Atlanta, but ended up waiting too late and all the classes were booked up. *womp womp* This week, I’m not taking any chances…I’ve had my spot reserved for tonight’s class for four days!

Kitchen Floor Yoga

Because let’s face it, kitchen floor yoga just isn’t the same…even WITH the sparkles!

And here’s hoping that tonight’s zen will be the ticket to another good night’s sleep because tomorrow…I signed up for an extra shift…on DAYS!! 😯 Omg, am I crazy??? Wish me luck!

You know how I mentioned the drunken pact I made to do a hardcore cleanse? Welllllll, I may be a quitter, but I’m never one to back down from a challenge! So, while I no intention of doing the FULL program, I have decided to try it out for a few days. My system has been out of whack for weeks now…bloating, irregularity, acne…so I figure it’s worth a try. And I have to say, it IS helping me get a bit of my kitchen mojo back!

Massaged Kale Salad with B.Nutt Squash & Peas

That would be a massaged kale salad (just for you, Arman) topped with peas and the butternut squash that my parents bought me forrrrrrrrr MY BIRTHDAY! Yeah, I’ve had that baby on my counter since December! 😯

Lentils with Spinach & Veggies

And I even experimented a bit and whipped up a little lentil dish in no time…I still need to work on the spices before sharing, but I think a certain German blend of mine would be very proud! 😀

Like I said, I don’t plan on doing this for long and if I have a craving for something that I believe to be my body asking for certain nutrition (read: eggs), then I have every intention on fulfilling that craving. Plus, I came home from Atlanta with quite the dairy-haul from the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market…

Atlanta Cheese & Yogurt

So I figure, it’s only a matter of time! 😉


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What’s on YOUR mind today?

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