Birthday Confessions

Birthday Biscuit

I’ll take a birthday biscuit over cake any day!

I knew I wanted to keep things low-key for my birthday so when my mom asked what I would like her to make for us for lunch on Saturday, I resorted to my list of childhood favorites. Since I’ve already done pot roast and chicken pot pie in years past, I decided this year, I would request my ALL time favorite…BREAKFAST!

Birthday Brunch

I CLEANED my plate and then used another half a biscuit to lap up the yolk from my sister’s plate…can you BELIEVE she was gonna let that go to waste?!

Every Sunday when I was little, my mom would make a big breakfast spread…eggs, bacon or sausage, fried potatoes, fruit, and biscuits with anything you could want to top them with and on Saturday afternoon, I got JUST THAT…and it was just as good as I remembered! Actually, it was better because we had MAPLE bacon and booze!

Birthday Bubbly

I cracked opened a bottle of champagne at 11:30am…and umm, squealed like a school girl when I popped the cork on the front porch and watched it soar across the yard.

Seriously? Mimosas! How did I ever eat breakfast without them! Thank you Meghan for being such a bad influence! 😉 After we ate, it was time for presents!

Birthday Basket

I got a bowl of produce for my birthday…and I LOVED it!

Brussels sprouts (which I’ve actually been hunting for since Thanksgiving), the cutest little mini peppers, two ears of corn, an avocado, an apple, a persimmon, a quince (never tried before!), a butternut squash, and the bottom of the bowl was filled with sweet potatoes and mixed nuts…my parents totally spoiled me! Oh and I couldn’t help but smile when my mom told me that my dad picked the bowl out himself and was totally stressing out about whether I would like it or not! Too cute, right? Obviously I love it…especially since I think it looks a lot like Chelsea’s that I’ve been lusting over for a while!

Birthday Scarf

I lived in this scarf ALL weekend!

My sister found this wonderfully soft and incredibly HUGE infinity scarf at Old Navy. It’s not a color I would normally pick out for myself, but seriously, I am in LOVE with it and I already want to go and see if I can find some gloves to match! She also got me a cute little hoop for my nose! What do you think? Can I pull off the hippie look? 😉

After hanging with my family for most of the evening, the man-friend and I traveled back to Nashville. I decided on Thai for dinner and while the meal really wasn’t NEAR as good as last time, we still had a great time and…

Birthday Tea

I was in my PJ’s with tea in hand by 8:30pm.

We cuddled on the couch for the rest of the night watching Netflix and seriously, I couldn’t have been happier…well, until the next morning when he took me to Costco to pick up my present!

Birthday Food Processor

I turned down a Vitamix for a food processor.

Ok, ok, OKAY!! I know I’m probably committing some sort of cardinal food blogger sin, but honestly, I just don’t feel like it would’ve been worth it for him to spend that much on a blender that I don’t necessarily need. You see, I already grind my own flours with my wanna-be Magic Bullet and really, I can count on one hand the number of times I made a smoothie this year soooo….

BUT as I stood there in front of the food processor, reading all of the stats, pointing out that it was pretty cool that it came with a dough hook, but still hemming and hawing over it, I still just couldn’t pull the trigger. So he rolls our cart up to the display, bumps the box on the top with his shoulder and after we watched it slide down his arm and into the cart, he says, “Omg, would you look at that! Well, it’s too heavy to pull out of there so I guess it’s coming home with us, huh?”

*Insert as many “awwww’s” as you’d like here* 😉

After that, we walked around the store, picking up some samples, and finding things for Christmas gifts for his family when I spotted something I didn’t have to think one minute about buying…

Divergent Trilogy

I bought MYSELF a present for my birthday.

This is actually one of the THREE things I’ve bought over the last couple of days…umm yeah, hi! 😉 The rest of the night was spent shopping at two of our favorite stores, Marshall’s and World Market, resting our legs while sipping chai lattes at a local bookstore, and meeting up with some friends for dinner.

Mustache Selfie

This year marks a new beginning in my aging process. 

Twenty-nine was just a bit too close to thirty for my liking so I’ve decided that I am now twenty-eight again…and next year I will be twenty-seven. But no matter how YOUNG I get, I’ll never resist an opportunity for a good selfie! Or three as this post goes to prove!

Notice the scarf! 😉

Oh and I guess I should also confess to not even THINKING about blogging this weekend…which is why I’m “telling it all” on a MONDAY! Sorry I’m not sorry, but for the first time in a long time, I was just enjoying the moments and having FUN and it was EXACTLY what I needed!

But I do want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texts, and phone calls…you all seriously know how to make a girl feel loved! 🙂 


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