Have Blends, Will Travel!

Hey hey HEY!!

AND hapPEEy MONday! 😀

Sorry for the over exuberance this morning, but I’m still riding the high from this weekend! A weekend spent with some VERY lovely ladies and two of my dearest and closest BLENDS!

Sarah, Melissa, & Me(Bloggers + Friends = BLENDS!)

Melissa came up from Memphis on Friday afternoon and then Sarah met up with us Saturday evening on her way back from Louisville where she was visiting another good blend, Brittany! We had SUCH a good time chatting, shopping, and of course, because we’re all die-hard foodies, EATING!

While the girls did their fair share of traveling to get to ME, I did my best to take them with me on a trip of my own! After hitting up Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods not minutes after Melissa arrived (are you really surprised?), we were both BEYOND ready for lunch! So where do I take a girl who shares my undying love of sushi?

SushiKoi Sushi Buffet, baby!

Oh yeah, I couldn’t help but take her to my favorite the MECCA of sushi restaurants! While we chatted nonstop about everything from college life to blog life, we chopsticked our way through Japan one wasabi-topped sushi roll at a time!

Later that night, we met up with the man-friend and after a little huddle decided on some MORE traveling…to a new-to-me Thai restaurant called Siam Cafe!

Thai Soup

Melissa and I both enjoyed a “small” bowl of Tom Ka Kai soup (which was pure coconutty HEAVEN!). Then Melissa went brave and ordered a MEDIUM hot curry! I got brave too, but not on the spice front (because I’m a total pansy)…

Thai Duck Curry

I tried DUCK for the first time!

It was sautéed in a red curry sauce with pineapple, tomatoes, and basil and was absolutely DIVINE! I’ve heard that duck tends to be a bit greasy and was a little nervous that I wouldn’t like it, but it turned out perfect…crispy roasted bits on the ends and tender and juicy on the inside!

On Saturday, Melissa and I made some breakfast and then headed out to my favorite park to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather we were having!

Park - RiverHave I ever mentioned that my favorite “wralking” trails are right next to the river? It was great to see so many other people taking advantage of warm temperatures the sunshine! 🙂

Melissa & Me

Obligatory blogger selfie 😉

After our fingers had all gone numb from the wind, we scooted back to the house, whipped up some random snackage for lunch: roasted kabocha, bok choy, and cottage cheese with jam? Yeah, I don’t think it can get more random that THAT!…one of the many reasons I love hanging with other bloggers! Ha!

Not long after that, Sarah showed up and it was time to party shop! We made our way back to Nashville and headed toooooo…TJ Maxx (another surprise, I’m sure). After scouring the store for foodie goodies and thumb-hole jackets, it was time for dinner! I was super excited to get to introduce them both to Ethiopian for the FIRST time…and what better place than Mesob…the restaurant Allie introduced me to just a little less than a year ago!

Mesob Ethiopian Veggie

We ordered the veggie sampler for the three of us to share…

Mesob Ethiopian MeatAnd the meat combo for Melissa and me…with PLENTY of injera for all!

So what did the girls think of their first Ethiopian experience?

Ethiopi-GONE!Umm, I think it’s safe to say it was THOROUGHLY enjoyed! Oh and how about this? Our entire meal was less than THIRTY BUCKS! 😯

Once back at the house, we were sipping tea to soothe our full tummies when I surprised them with a bit more…


KMB Retreat “swag”! 😉

And then the next morning, before it was time to part ways, we woke up and enjoyed a little bitterSWEET celebration…

Peaches & Cream Protein Pancakes via Kiss My Broccoli

Well, duh! It WAS Pancake Sunday and all! 😉

Recipe coming SOON!


I just have to say, this was one of the BEST weekends…dare I say even more MARVELOUS than last week? With all the stress I’ve been feeling lately, I really needed some girl time and a chance to just “get away.” Although I already felt like I knew these ladies well before, I feel even closer to them now and am incredibly grateful that they were both able to make the trip out to see me. I had so much fun playing hostess and would gladly open my doors (including the one to my pantry) to them again!

That’s right folks, come see me and you get the ROYAL treatment AND some of my
crown jewels foodie gems!

So, who’s coming to visit next?!

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