Wild…Crazy…and MARVELOUS!

Hey hey, and happy Monday!

So how was your weekend?

Was it wild? Was it crazy? Was it MARVELOUS?!


Join my favorite diva and me as we relive our weekends and make this Monday marvelous! The last few days have been totally JAM-PACKED for me so, instead of having  a million-word post, let’s just skip the intro…

The weekend kicked off with a WILD birthday celebration!


My BABY sister turned TWENTY ONE!! 😯

As if the reunion last weekend didn’t make me feel old enough! Omg, just go ahead and break out the dentures and Depends! 😉

IMG_6104Mom, Tori, and I met up at O’Charley’s for lunch on Friday afternoon to celebrate the day  my sister was allowed to drink (legally, that is…har har!)

Bread & Booze

We started out with bread, butter, and oBLIGatory BOOZE!

Mom and Tori ordered the white peach sangria while I went with the tangerine
grapefruit margarita…

Tori's 21st Birthday Cheers

And of course we had to pose with our drinks!

Then another to show our reaction to the size of our glasses…

Tori's 21st Birthday Funny Cheers

Keep in mind we hadn’t even had our first sips at this point! 😉

Tori's Birthday Sip & SwapMom and I actually ended up swapping drinks after our little photo session. Hers was a bit too strong and mine was a bit too sweet, but after the switch, they were

Jussssssssst riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
…sorry, I couldn’t resist 😉

O'Charley's Chicken Sandwich & Sweet Potato Fries

I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with jalapeno mayo on ciabatta with a side of their new sweet potato fries…


Ok, I’m not usually big on chain restaurants, but I have to say, O’Charley’s has some sweet potato frying SKILLS…crispy on the outside, soft on the inside…and not a SPECK of cinnamon-sugar in sight! 🙂

Later that night, the man-friend and I met in Nashville for dinner…any guesses as to where we went and got totally CRAZY?!

Sushi BuffetOh yeah, Koi sushi buffet…come to MAMA!!

I told you guys I was begging to go back! 😉

My Sushi

And this time, I got TWO plates!

The Man-Friend's SushiAnd the man-friend got THREE…but one was demolished too quickly to snap a pic! Yeah, he’d NEVER make it as a food blogger! 😉

But the CRAZY didn’t stop there…the next day (on a SATURDAY mind you), we went to COSTCO!! Yep, we’re not only crazy for sushi, but just crazy in general! It was much too busy for pictures (even though this was my FIRST time there), but I did manage to walk away with a nice little bounty (and a sample-satisfied tummy!)…

Costco Goodies

Peach mango orange preserves, stuffed grape leaves, Wild Planet Tuna, nitrate-free turkey meat, and the man-friend and I split a case each of organic tomato paste and sauce.

Afterwards, we headed back to his house to prep some MARVELOUS!

CookoutMarinated flank steak (brought by a friend), veggie skewers, PERFECT watermelon wedgies wedges, and Blueberry Lavender Coleslaw!

For the record (and for all you #strangebutgood haters out there) the slaw was a total HIT…everyone was raving about it! Well, until we got to dessert…

Ice Cream CakeTurkey Hill chocolate sundae ice cream cake!

Unfortunately, there was no cake for me (for some reason, even WITH my Lactaid, ice cream seems to be really bothering me lately…*sad face*), but from all the moans and groans going on around the table, I’d say it was a real winner!

WatermelonHonestly though, I was perfectly content with my two THREE slices of watermelon! 😀

What was the most MARVELOUS thing from your weekend?


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