Which Came First?

What up, guys?!

So, you’d think after a round of slutty brownies AND a slice of chocolate SEX cake this weekend, I’d be sprawled out in bed smoking a cigarette ready to move on to salads and smoothies, but oh no, the best was yet to come! <- Lol!


Who’s up for a sushi ORGY?! 😉

After the birthday festivities on Saturday night, the man-friend and I contemplated what to have for dinner on the way back to Nashville…

As we played around with the Urbanspoon app on my phone, there was talk of Mexican…Italian…and jokes about going to Shoney’s (I’m assuming the man-friend was joking because I might have to reevaluate our relationship if he was being serious). We finally decided on Gondola House Pizzeria for a night of cheese-loving pizza noshing, but on the way there, the man-friend suddenly remembered a sushi place nearby. Are you really surprised that in the end it came down to those two? Ha!

But this wasn’t just ANY sushi place…


This was an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT sushi place!!!

Actually Koi was an entire Japanese MEGA buffet, but once I spotted that lineup of mouth-watering sushi, everything else just disappeared!


Well, except for the frickin’ VAT of seaweed salad around the corner!


I mean seriously? Just bring that entire platter to my table, right Chelsea?

I only WISH I could have channeled Debbie’s bottomless sushi-eating stomach for the night, but alas I only managed one plate. I was actually pretty proud of myself of realizing my satiety (another buffet win!) and not making myself sick!

After our meal, we tore into our fortune cookies…


…in bed! 😆

Then, after yelling at the man-friend for keeping this place a secret from me for over SEVEN months, I proceeded to butter him up while I BEGGED him to bring me back before we even left the restaurant!! Lol

But the good eats (and chances for me to make even more sexual references) didn’t stop there…


On Sunday, after a trip to the local farmers’ market to load up on fruits and veggies for the week, the man-friend finally took me to Instanbul for my first taste of

We both ordered the doner sandwich…thinly sliced steak stuffed into a perfectly light and fluffy pita along with lettuce, onion, tomato, and feta along with a bowl of tzatziki that I wanted to bathe in! Seriously guys, this picture doesn’t even BEGIN do it justice! You should have seen the SIZE of this thing…it was HUGE!!

Yep, for lunch, I had a huge thing of MEAT slathered in WHITE STUFF!

WIAW TealSo yeah, while I do my best to prepare for my SIXTH GRADE graduation as a
THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BOY, why don’t you guys head over to Peas & Crayons and check out the eats from the more mature bloggers out there!

Or you can just tell me a dirty joke in the comments! 

Click the link for the title of today’s post to make sense! 😉

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