When Foodie Met Foodie

If there is one thing the man-friend and I love,

Old Chicago PizzaBella Nashville PizzaMichael's PizzaPizza

It’s Pizza.

Sushi 1. Sushi 2Sushi 4Sushi 3Sushi 3.1

Or it could be sushi.

Froyo with The Man-FriendFro-yo

Sweet CeCe's FroyoNo…no, it’s definitely froyo*

Let it be known that HIS is the one with the fruit…and this is the ONLY pic I have of a cup of his since he’s usually a quarter of the way through it before mine even gets to the scale! Ha!

Or maybe it’s…

FoodiesBreakfast, carrot juice, fish and chips, white wine, ice cream, grilled deliciousness, German food, southern grub, or freshly popped popcorn 


Whether it’s firing up the grill at homerelaxing by the laketraveling to fun and exciting cities, or  going to Sam’s for “lunch”, we definitely know how to get our grub on and get it on good. We both love trying new cuisine, get excited for weekend trips to the farmers’ market, and could spend HAVE SPENT hours shopping for fun foodie finds! I never hesitate to share with him one of my newest creations and he never fails to hide his enthusiasm for my love of cooking…even if that means advertising my blog to his friends everyone we meet! 😯

I’ll admit it, the first thing that lured me in (besides his super sexy thumb and forearms…did you see those?! ;)) was his energy and how passionately he spoke of his food experiences while traveling to other countries (he’s seen a LOT and I’m totally jealous!)…but I was putty in his hands the minute I realized  I didn’t have to break out Wikipedia to explain quinoa, chia seeds, or kombucha! And as I think about how we cuddled on the couch last weekend, watching episodes of Best Food Ever and totally dreaming up vacation destinations based on what we were currently drooling over, I can’t help but smile.

WIAW TealBe sure to head on over to Peas & Crayons, where Jenn knows a thing or two about being a good foodie and hosting the best shindig to hit blogworld since overnight oats! 😉

Does your significant other (or closest friend, if your single) share your foodie enthusiasm?

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