Marvelous NOT Modest

Do you have trouble taking a compliment? 

Whether it’s someone telling you that you’re pretty…or commending you for a job well done….do you shrug it off and make excuses? Do you respond with things like: “Oh my gosh, are you blind? I’m having such a bad hair/fat/pimples are erupting all over my face day,” or “No really, Joe did most of the work”?

Well, I call BULLSHIT!

I mean, no one wants you to be an arrogant asshole, but what about those moments where you feel like a total badass? Shouldn’t you celebrate those moments?


Like when you buy a new outfit and even though it’s a humid summer day, you’re hair looks freakin’ fabulous and you just feel pretty?

BBQ with the Man-Friend

Or when you co-host another delicious cookout with your man-friend
(or WOman-friend ;)) complete with pulled pork BBQ that you helped prepare, “power” salad and fruit salad that you took beautiful pictures of but had absolutely no hand in making, and a pan of crazy good brownies that NO ONE would stop raving about?

Salty Slutty Brownies



Or when you put together the most awesome Ruby Tuesday-esque salad bar for your mom’s FIFTIETH birthday on Saturday complete with ALL her favorites?

Mom & Me

Or when you look at a pic of you and your mother and realize that not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but you look a lot more like her than you thought?

And not to mention when she greets you with a “oh, you’re so skinny…I remember when I was that skinny” compliment even though you haven’t felt thin in MONTHS?

Or what about when the UNTHINKABLE happens?

The stars align, Betty Crocker’s ora remains with you, the HEAVENS OPEN, and from your NON-BAKER hands (and a bag of flour, a pot, a couple of pans, a lot of stirring, even more patience, and maybe a tiny little breakdown in the middle of all of that)
comes this…

German Chocolate Cake 3


German Chocolate Cake 2


German Chocolate Cake 1

Completely DAIRY-FREE (?!?!)…

German Chocolate Cake Slice


Well, if you ask me, that’s the time you put the modesty aside, you pat yourself on the back, serve you up a slice WITH a scoop of ice cream without a thought to good vs bad, calorie vs schmalorie, and say…


Recipe coming soon!

For now, how about hopping on over to Katie’s blog and checking out the massive amount of Monday positivity? But first, it’s time to toot your own horn…

Tell me, what makes YOU marvelous?

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