What I Ate in Memphis

Hello loves and Happy Wednesday!

I know I left you guys hanging on the foodie front yesterday, but in an attempt to not have a 2000 word post, I thought I’d save the Memphis munchies for today. Besides, it’s Wednesday and we ALL know what Wednesdays are for…


After you get a good look at what the man-friend and I filled our bellies with while on vacation in Elvisland, be sure to head on over to Peas & Crayons, give our hostess Jenn a little shout, and then check out all the other delicious link ups for the week!

Our first meal at The Bayou actually turned out to the BEST of the whole trip…

The Bayou Chicken Wings

We started with a plate of chicken wings…but not just ANY chicken wings…the man-friend has been going on and on and ON about the sauce they use on these basically since the day we met. I have to admit, I was just as excited to see this plate come out as he was. And the verdict???


Seriously, we sat there sloooooooowly savoring each and every bite trying to pinpoint all the flavors in the sauce! I tried my best to get it out of the waiter, but the only thing he would give up was that there was white wine…you know, because THAT tells us a lot! Lol

I will say that our waiter was absolutely amazing! He had a great personality (happy and energetic without being all “let me shoot rainbows out of my ass” or anything ;)) and he loaded me up with extra lemon for my water (love)!

As for our entrees, I ordered the soup sampler…

The Bayou Soup SamplerClockwise from the top:
Seafood gumbo, duck and sausage gumbo, alligator chili, shrimp and crawfish bisque, and red beans and rice

They were all pretty tasty (first time trying alligator…it’s a bit umm, chewy!), but my absolute favorite was the bisque! I always forget how much I LOVE cream-based soups…especially with a good bread for dunkin’! 🙂

The man-friend went with the Shrimp Po’Boy…

The Bayou Shrimp Po' Boy

Hand-breaded fried shrimp with lettuce, tomato, Cajun mayo and cocktail sauce with Cajun fries on the side.

The flavors in the sandwich were amazing (not too spicy) and the crusty bread it was served on was fantastic, but the fries were a bit soggy.

Luckily the fries from our lunch at Young Ave Deli the next day made up for it…

Young Ave Deli Burger

The man-friend’s bacon cheeseburger with some of the BEST friggin’ fries I’ve ever ninja’d off his plate! Oh and the burger was pretty epic too! 😉

As for my plate basket, I ordered the “Sonoma Sandwich”…

Young Ave Deli Veggie Sandwich & Sweet Potato Fries

Sun-dried tomatoes, cream cheese, tomato, avocado and red onions with sweet potato fries on the side.


Young Ave Deli Veggie Sandwich

They used like half a friggin’ BLOCK of cream cheese to make my sandwich…and about half a POUND of sugar on the fries!

I swear, I am going to become the most obnoxious customer from now on whenever I’m ordering out…what is it with menus that don’t specify things like adding SUGAR to SWEET potato fries?! Ick!

I managed to salvage the meal by scraping the cream cheese off the sandwich(not only was it just too much, but it totally took away from all the other flavors) and then stealing one or two or TEN more fries from the man-friend! To top it off, I’m pretty sure our waitress was high on drugs or something. She kept forgetting to bring us stuff we asked for and pretty much just looked like she was about to fall asleep the whole time! All I have to say is, it’s a good thing the man-friend and I had good company! 🙂

For dinner that night, we had some authentic Memphis barbecue at Central BBQ

Central BBQ Nachos

After seeing the BBQ Nachos on Best Food Ever, we knew we had to give them a try!

Central BBQ Nachos Bite

The flavor of the meat and the BBQ sauce was fantastic, but I have to say I was a little bummed to see they were served at room temperature. Isn’t the POINT of nachos is to have warm, melted cheese?

Central BBQ Baby Back RibsThe man-friend ordered a rack of ribs with baked beans and coleslaw and enjoyed them well enough, but I’m pretty sure he’d say dessert was well, the icing on the cake…

Central BBQ Caramel CakeCaramel layer cake, that is!

Of course, it was a bit too sweet for me, but the man-friend had NO trouble picking up the slack…what can I say, he LOVES his desserts!

Speaking of too sweet, one of these days (I hope) I’ll learn my lesson…leave the sweet desserts and breakfasts to the kitchen at home. For breakfast the next day, I couldn’t help but be lured in by the Brioche French toast from the menu at Perkins

Perkins Brioche French Toast

Unfortunately, after one bite, I realized (even without syrup) it was just too much for me. FORTUNATELY though, we had an AMAZING waiter who happened to notice me eyeing my plate with disdain picking at my food and quickly (and I do mean QUICK!) swapped me for something savory…

Perkins Biscuits & Gravy

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a total sucker for biscuits and gravy…and I may or may not have mixed all of it up and then drizzled on a bit of maple syrup!


So maybe now, after seeing all the fried, creamy, plastic-y?, cheesy, saucy, and gravy-covered food you understand why there just HAD to be some Whole Foods frolicking during our last few hours in town! 😉

Whole Foods Salad Bar

Must. Eat. All. The. VEGGIEEEEEES!

ZeviaAND then wash them down with a new-to-me-and-oh-so-delicious-yet-not-quite-as-grapefruitty-as-I-expected-flavor Zevia! 😀

Oh and say hello to Jay Jay (the man-friend’s pooch)! He tagged along for the trip but camped out with his doggie cousins over at a friend’s house for the weekend!

What do you typically order for breakfast when dining out?

What are your favorite kind of fries?

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