Friday Five

Hey guys!

I’m reeeeeeeeeally hoping everything works and this posts actually publishes. I’ve been having some A LOT OF issues with my server lately so…fingers crossed! With no time for an intro, I think you’ve seen enough of these posts floating around blogworld to know what’s coming…

Coconut Coffee

1. Liquid Pie

Have you SEEN this coffee in stores?! If so, do yourself a big HUGE favor and pick up a bag! Not only does it ACTUALLY taste like coconut, but it also makes for the perfect addition to German chocolate SEX cake! 😉

Wild Squirrel Nut Butter

2. Wild for Nut Butter

A few months ago, the lovely ladies over at Wild Squirrel sent me a box of their nut butter goodness. And well, I guess you can say I’ve MORE than enjoyed them…

Wild Squirrel CollageThe vanilla espresso is my FAVORITE (totally still hoarding this jar), but I did my best to give the other flavors an ample opportunity to please my palate. Whether it’s on top of a bowl of cereal, Arctic Zero, toast, crackers, cookies, Quest bars, or your frickin FACE, it is absolutely amazing!!

Berry Bruschetta 1

3. Beating the Heat

While I seem to be in another one of my cooking ruts (I blame the summer heat), there has been NO shortage of yummy eats crossing my path…I’ve of course been tossing up  PLENTY of  salacious salads, but I’ve also been enjoying freshly made salsa and this amazing berry bruschetta I came up with the other day!

Recipe coming soon!

BBQ Salad

4. Leftovers Schmeftovers

It really kills me how people say they hate leftovers…all week, I’ve been adding a bit of the man-friend’s perfectly spiced pull pork from our BBQ last weekend to my salads and then drizzling the whole thing in thinned out BBQ sauce…YUM!

Elvis Man-Friend & Me

5. Man-friend Makeover

Looks like my little lizard man has changed his look a bit…or at least for the weekend. That’s right, the next few days will be spent in Elvis-land (aka the man-friend’s
old stomping ground) and we plan on hanging with friends, family, and of course,
getting our FILL of some good ol’ Memphis BBQ!

What are YOU up to this weekend?

What summer eats and treats have you been enjoying lately?

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