Currently: July…and I’m BACK!!!!


Oh my gosh, am I happy to finally “see” you!!

I hope most of you were able to see my update on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook! Remember when I said I was having server issues last week? Well, it seems, while the man-friend and I were BBQ’ing it up in Memphis, the bloggy decided to catch the
Bu-BROCCOLI Plague! Luckily she was allowed visitors 😉 but I’ll tell you, I have been a nErVoUs wReCk sitting in intensive care next to my computer awaiting updates from the doctor IT guys all week! After MANY trials and errors, some exploratory surgery, and  a look at different treatment options, it looks like our girl has FINALLY made a
full recovery!

I’ll admit, it’s been hard being forced into a blogging break…especially when I have oodles (yes, I said “oodles”) to tell you guys about my trip AND I do believe I have a recipe to share, don’t I? but first, before it gets too late and I look even MORE ridiculous, how about a Currently post? It’ll help me catch you up a bit and well, you guys know how much I love this thing! 😀

Current Book:

Fifty Shades I know, I know…but I just had to take a break. Book two definitely hit a climax, but I’m sorry, even I know it’s fiction, but there comes a point where an excessive amount of sex just starts to rub you the wrong way…pun totally intended. 😉

Current Music:


Some of you may scoff, but just TRY to tell me you can resist the urge to dance whenever you hear this song! 

Current Guilty Pleasure: 

TJ Maxx & Big Lots


Or more specifically FOODIE shopping…with the man-friend…while on vacation! Now please, someone stage an intervention…my pantry is bursting at the seams!

For the record, he spent more money than I did! 😉 

Current Nail Color:

Nails Currently, I’m wearing Essie’s Nothing Else Matters, but for most of the month and again in just a few minutes it will be back to OPI’s I Do De-Claire! <- OBSESSED with this color!

Current Drink:

Coconut Coffee Liquid Piiiiiiiie! 

Current Food:

Currently Food July

For the entire month, I have been COMPLETELY obsessed with pairing fruit with veggies…salads, flatbreads, salsas, you name it! Love the sweet and savory…and apparently I also love my cutting board as a backdrop! 😉

Current Favorite Show:

Since I used the man-friend for his subscription to Netflix got caught up on episodes of Switched at Birth, I really haven’t been watching much…well, except for the bits and pieces of Chopped I can catch while soaking in a swanky hotel bathtub! 😉

Current Wish List:

For my knee to miraculously heal itself and be like I never had surgery?

Current Needs:

The motivation to stick with it at the gym! I’ve been hit or miss lately…emphasis on the miss! The last workout I did was about two weeks ago. It was a fantastic leg circuit that I just threw together on the fly, but for the next THREE days I was SO SORE…it’s really hard to gauge my limits these days since I’ve been out of the game for so long!

Current Triumphs:

Throughout my trials and tribulations in therapy (ohh, how’s THAT for some alliteration, Miss P?), I WILL say I’ve made some progress over the last month! Without even realizing it the other day, I brought my knee almost all the way up to my chest…which is CRAZY awesome!

Next on the list: Squat to the floor and be able to get into child’s pose! 

Current Bane of Existence:

Proactiv Maybe it’s the crazy amount of stress from the blog this week, but c’mon, I am 28 years old…shouldn’t I be done with acne?!

Current Celebrity Crush: 

One word: Wolverine! 😉 

Current Indulgence: 

Real Chocolate


Healthy Chocolate

…olate! 😀

Whether it be the REAL stuff or the “healthy” stuff…this month has been a good balance of BOTH! 

Current Blessing:

Having the BEST group of guys working to fix the blog over the last week…especially Jay who not only kept me informed with daily email/phone updates, but also handled himself rather well when a bit of stress-induced/sleep-deprived delirium turned into waterworks over the phone! Seriously guys, if you are ever looking to switch to self-hosting, I cannot say enough great things about the Helpful Hosting team!

Current Slang:

 Hmm, I’ve been commenting on Instagram a lot lately with “nom nom nom” which is the only thing I can muster when crippled by some serious foodporn! 😉

Current Outfit:

Food’s not the ONLY thing I’ve been shopping for…I bought a new dress!



Current Excitement: 

My TEN-YEAR 😯 high school reunion tonight! 😯

Current Link:

As of last month, I’m BACK on the Foodie Pen Pal wagon! For July, I was paired up with Mollie, a blog reader from Maine and even though it was her first FPP swap, she DEFINITELY knew what she was doing…and spoiled me silly!

Foodie Pen Pal July

I <3 local goodies! And she even included an amazingly scented loofah AND a little catnip lobster claw for Tiger! 😀

Thank you SO much, Mollie! You are the BEST!

To see how I spoiled MY pen pal, head on over to Dana’s blog and for more info on how to join in the FPP fun, click here!

Current Mood: 





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