A Weekend in Tenne-saw-ippi

Hello, loves!

So, I started typing up this post last week but, since dear ol’ broccoli decided to go into    a week-long coma, it never made it to publish! Now that she’s back up and running, I can FINALLY tell you guys about mine and the man-friend’s trip to Memphis! 😀

It all started when I awoke to this deliciousness early Friday morning….

Peanut Butter Berry WaffleA big fluffy waffle topped with peanut butter, fresh berries (thankfully, brought from home), with just a drizzle of  syrup!

I have to say, the choices from the hotel breakfast bar weren’t the best, but luckily they made up for it in waffles (which I can never pass them up) and coffee (which I practically lived on throughout the weekend)!


I may or may not have had quite the collection of coffee creamers
(for the man-friend) by the end of the weekend! 😛

After some chill time in the hotel room where we may or may not have fallen back to sleep, we decided to head out to one of the man-friend’s favorite places for lunch…


But you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for that! 

With two very full bellies, we figured some walking was in order so we headed downtown to check out Mud Island

Memphis Mud Island

We road the monorail over, toured the little museum filled with history of the Mississippi river, steamboats, and blues and jazz music, and then walked around outside and checked out the scale model of the Mississippi river while we talked about all the states we’d ever traveled to.

Mud Island

It was cute to see all the kiddos wading around in the water and the weather was absolutely perfect for a good afternoon walk. Also, I have to say, it was SO kind of the employees to leave out little snacks along the way…


Drumstick anyone? 😉

And of course, we were both shocked to see that even though the man-friend had JUST had his makeover the night before, they were already on top of things with portraits of him hanging on nearly every wall…

The Man-friend & Elvis

How DID they do it??

Back to our conversation of travel (for the record, the man-friend has been almost EVERYwhere!), we thought it’d be fun to cruise down the road about fifteen minutes in the opposite direction of our hotel…JUST so I can now say I’ve been to Arkansas! 😉


And later that night we met up with the man-friend’s parents for dinner over another border and another newly visited (to me) state…Mississippi! We ate at a cute little pizzeria called Avellino’s (some of the best crust and sauce I’ve ever had!) and then ended up going back to their place and chatting into the WEEEEE hours of the night morning!

The next day, we woke up and met someone very special for breakfast lunch…

Melissa & Me

Sooooooooooo excited to finally meet this GORGEOUS lady!!!

Melissa and I have grown really close over the last six months but until this day had never met face to face. I wasn’t surprised in the least how natural our conversation seemed to flow over lunch…just like we’ve known each other for years! And luckily her fiance and the man-friend seemed to hit it off really well too!

Memphis Young Avenue DeliWe met at Young Avenue Deli and again were graced with perfect weather for dining al fresco, but yep, I’m saving those pics for tomorrow! 😉

After lunch, is where the man-friend and I cultivated our curiosities and ventured inside two of our favorite stores…

TJ Maxx & Big LotsGets. Us. Every. Time!

We shopped till we (just about) dropped. Luckily, thanks to Melissa, I had a little fuel to get me through the last bit of it…

Raspberry White Chocolate Quest BarJust as good as it sounds…especially after sitting in a hot car for a couple of hours! Only bad part: picking the raspberry seeds out of your teeth afterwards! :-/

Later that night, we met some friends for dinner and a movie…

Movie Ticket Wolverine

And you guessed it…dinner pics tooooooomorrow! Haha! But I’ll tell you right now, Wolverine? So worth it!

On Sunday, we met our friends for breakfast at a place called Perkins, hung out a bit and then grabbed one last meal before heading out of Elvisland.

One thing I LOVE about traveling is getting the chance to try all the local food, but after three days of eating our way through plates FULL fried, creamy, plastic-y?, cheesy, saucy, and gravy-covered food, I HAD to make a special request…

Whole Foods

Sweet baby JESUS, let there be vegetables!! 

Whole Foods Salad BarIn the box: EV-ER-REEEEEEEE-THANG!!!

For the record, one of my most expensive WF salads yet…ELEVEN BUCKS!

And I. ate. it. ALL!

What do you always hope to find on a hotel breakfast buffet?

How many US states have you visited?

US States Map

I know, I really need WANT to travel more, but so far, I’ve been to 18!

And if wanna be a dork like me and make a cute custom-colored map of your own,
click here! 😉

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