Christmas in July

Think back to the most exciting time in your life…

Your heart suddenly stops beating, falls to your stomach, and then jumps back into your rib cage. You can’t understand why all of a sudden you feel so dizzy until you realize you’ve forgotten to breath for a few seconds. You want to laugh and cry and jump and sing, but at the same time you want to be so still and live in that the moment forever.

That, my friends, is how I felt for the ENTIRE thirty-six hours
I spent in Minneapolis last week.


I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas morning! And as I sit here now amidst the crumbled wrapping paper typing up this post, I am pinching myself. If I didn’t have pictures to prove it, I’d say it was all a dream!

Yoplait Driver

There was the driver who carted me around everywhere…

Yoplait Makeup

The makeup artist on standby…

Yoplait Camera Crew

The lights, the cameras, the knee-knocking nervousness ACTION!

Yoplait Hotel View 2

The incredible city views…

Yoplait Hotel

The swanky hotel room…

Yoplait Hotel Tub

The freaking jet tub with a TV mounted above it!

Yoplait Yogurt Fridge

The grand tour, complete with a fully stocked “yogurt fridge”…

Group photo with Yop Pres

The tour guide (none other than Yoplait’s president, herself!)…

Heather_Photo prop room

The oh-my-god-I’ve-die-and-gone-to-heaven prop closet!

Yoplait Greek Tray

The yogurt (of yeah, the WHOLE reason for the trip!)…

First Taste of Yoplait Greek

The exclusive sampling scene…

Yoplait Post taste test photos

The photos of the carnage that followed! 😉

Yoplait Art

The amusing artwork (pound cake mop or yarn noodles anyone?)…

Yoplait Cereal World

The cereal nation that I wanted to smuggle home…

Yoplait Lucky & Me

The surprise LUCKY celebrity sighting!

Betty Crocker Kitchens

The Betty Crocker kitchen…

Yoplait Heather Kitchen

The cooking and creating…

Heather_Kitchens 3

The cheese-eating grin on my face that only HALF represents my excitement at the time!

Yoplait Bloggers

Three bloggers (Me, Brianne and Katie)…

Yoplait Tanya & Seth

Two incredible hosts, Tanya and Seth (plus the ENTIRE company at General Mills!)…

Welcome Heather

One incredibly grateful/overwhelmed/ecstatic Heather! 

I didn’t even miss the pony! 😉

I promise, there’s more to come…I just need a little more time to pinch myself PROCESS! 

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