Currently: August

Hey guys!! 

Oh, how I’ve missed you! The man-friend and I got in late last night from our vacation in Panama City/Gulf Shores and today has been a WHIRLWIND to say the least! Getting things unpacked, running to the farmers’ market, grocery shopping, oh, and being sure to give Tiger a bit of love! I’ll definitely be doing a little recap post from our trip (including all the delicious eats), but since today is the LAST day of August (?!), I thought I’d pop in real quick with my monthly “currentlies”…and a few vacation deets! 😉

Current Book:

Fifty Shades on the Beach

I took Fifty with me to the beach and while I did get a few chapters read, I’ll be honest, most of my time was spent flapping around in the ocean water. I WILL say though that things are finally starting to get interesting again!

 Current Music: 

I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Paramore for a while now…I used to totally rock the mic with Crushcrushcrush on Rockband…and I’m LOVING this new song!

Current Guilty Pleasure: 

Shopping! I can’t stop! I rarely ever buy anything for myself (other than food) but I have been on a shopping spree/warpath for weeks now…and it didn’t really help that the man-friend took me to a Tanger Outlet while we were in Gulf Shores! Lol

Current Nail Color:

Essie The Girls are Out Nails

Before going on vacation, I tried a new Essie color called The Girls Are Out. I really like it fun sparkle to it. I’m currently back to Sunday Funday, but I think tomorrow I’ll be changing it to yet ANOTHER new color…

Essie Summer Nail Polish

Seriously guys, I’ve got a problem!

Current Drink: 


Hello, my name is Heather and I’m addicted to flavored coffees…especially when different flavors are mixed together…caramel drizzled pumpkin pie in a mug, anyone? 😉

Current Food: 

Fig Cereal


Peanut Butter Fig & Banana SandwichFigs

Fig Walnut Bleu Cheese Salad


Fig Walnut Bleu Cheese Omelet - 3

And more FIGS!!!!

Two guesses as to what I picked up at the grocery store today after getting back in town!

Current Favorite Show:

Thanks to the man-friend and his sharing of Netflix passwords, 😉 I’ve been watching a lot more TV over the last few weeks. I think I just need to learn to pace myself more…I marathon-watched Orange is the New Black in a day and a half and then got into New Girl and was done with it in less than a week! Ugh, I’m dying for more episodes!

Current Wish List:

I just got back from a relaxing, fun, and deeeeelicious week on the BEACH, I think all my wishes have been granted for now! 😉

Current Needs:

To get caught up with all of YOU! I can’t wait to read through all the comments from the last week of scheduled posts…like I said, I’ve missed you!

Current Triumphs: 

Guess what! Guess what! Guess WHAAAAAT!

Not ONCE did I feel bad about myself once I was on the beach. I hate that I worked myself up so much before I left. I mean, it’s not like I was going on vacation at the PLAYBOY MANSION or something! I was in a beautiful place, surrounded by “normal” people having fun in the sun…and I did the same! 😀

Current Bane of Existence: 

The nightmares that have ensued since watching the VMA’s last Sunday.

Miley Cyrus Ewww!

Current Celebrity Crush: 

Umm, I may or may not have had a pretty hot dream featuring Dermot Mulroney in my kitchen feeding me figs dipped in honey? What?! The REAL question is this: How can such a sexy man have such an UNSEXY name?!

Current Indulgence: 

At the beginning of the month, I finally got a chance to check out the new Massage Envy that just opened up down the road. After an hour of relaxing turn-my-muscles to mush session, I decided to sign up for their VIP membership…one 1-hour massage a month for only $59 (plus a few other benefits!)…best decision ever made!

Current Blessing: 

Friends, family, my health! I’m just feeling really grateful for everything right now!

Current Slang:

 Heyyyyy! I said “deets” in the intro to this post! That’s slang! Ding, ding, ding! I win!! Now…where’s my prize?! 😉

Current Outfit: 

PJ’s and fuzzy slippers, but I’d much rather go back to this…


Current Excitement: 

Excited to have had a great time on vacation, excited to sleep in my own bed tonight, and excited to try all of my new goodies…

Foodie Pen Pals August

My Foodie Pen Pal package from Lexi over at Tea & Crumpets came while I was gone, but I asked made Tori (who was popping in to take care of Tiger while I was gone) open it up and tell me what everything was over the phone. I swear it’s like Lexi was reading my MIND! Everything is definitely something I would have picked up myself. In fact, I couldn’t help but giggle over the Coconut Almond Quinoa Crunch (purple bag) since I JUST bought myself a bag at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago!

Thank you SO much Lexi!!

Foodie Pen Pal AugustAnd check out what I sent to Chelsea from Six Pack Sexy…oh yeah, that’s some of my Almond Joy Granola! 😉

Current Link:

The Lean Green Bean…If YOU want to come home to a box FULL of foodie surprises…and who knows, maybe they’ll come from ME…check out Lindsay’s blog for all the “deets” on the FPP program!

Current Mood:

Content 😀

What are a few of your “currents” from August?

Anyone else having nightmares involving gigantic teddy bears wearing plastic underwear?

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