Remember when I dropped this beat last week?

Fig Walnut Bleu Cheese Chicken SaladWell, I’m sorry, but just like a radio DJ doing my part to boost ratings, you ain’t heard the LAST of it yet!Β 

Brought to you by the same level of sleep-deprived craziness as this number…because obviously, yesterday I was just getting warmed up! πŸ˜‰

Listen up y’all cause this fig’s it
The beat that I’m bangin’ is delicious…

Fig Walnut Bleu Cheese Chicken Salad 4

FIGalicious definition make them foodies loco
They want my flavor so they savor baskets from the store-o.
You can heat me, you can freeze me.
I’m a sweetie, great with cheezies.
I can’t help it that I tease ’em.
Figs just come and go with seasons.Β 

Fig Walnut Bleu Cheese Chicken Salad 3

But I ain’t continuous.
So if you want this -icious,
That tastes like frickin’ Christmas,
Don’t you miss this!
All the foodies are in shock
And they be lining down the block just to see what’s in stock

Fig Walnut Bleu Cheese Chicken Salad 2

So delicious (but not hot)
So delicious (I make them foodies go in shock)
So delicious (they wanna taste of what I got)
I’m FIGalicious (t-t-t-t-t-tasty with cheez-say)

Fig, Walnut & Bleu Cheese Salad

By:Β Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: N/A

Keywords: salad entrΓ©e figs summer

Ingredients (Serves 1)

  • 3-4 cups chopped romaine lettuce
  • 1/4 cup sliced Vidalia onion
  • 3-4 fresh figs, quartered
  • 1/8 cup crushed walnuts
  • 1/8 cup crumbled bleu cheese
  • 1 grilled chicken breast, chopped (or grilled tofu)


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and then toss with your favorite balsamic dressing.

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Fig Walnut Bleu Cheese Salad 1So delicious (but not, hot)
So delicious (I make them foodies go in shock)
So delicious (they want this salad on the spot)
I’m FIGalicious (don’t forget the dressing-essing!!)

My Favorite Balsamic Dressing

F to the I, to the G G Y – girl, you’re figgy. F to the I, to the G G Y – girl, you’re figgy
F to the I, to the G G Y – girl, you’re figgy. F to the I, to the, (four, tres, two, uno)
Fi to the G, to the Al I C I O U S, to the Fi, to the G, to the Al I C I O U S, to the
Fi to the G, to the Al I C I O U S, to the Fi, to the G, to the, to the, to the,Β 
(four, tres, two, uno)

My Favorite Balsamic Dressing

By:Β Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: N/A

Ingredients (Serves 1)

  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon water
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of jam (I used FIG, but the flavor possibilities are ENDLESS!)


Combine all ingredients in a small bowl, whisk to combine.

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Fig Walnut Bleu Cheese SaladF to the I, to the G G Y – girl, you’re figgy. F to the I, to the G G Y – girl, you’re figgy
F to the I, to the G G Y – girl, you’re figgy. F to the I, to the, four, tres, two, uno
Fi to the G, to the Al I C I O U S, to the Fi, to the G, to the Al I C I O U S, to the
Fi to the G, to the Al I C I O U S, to the Fi, to the G, to the, to the, to the, to the, to the…..

And if you guys aren’t singing this for the rest of the day, then you’re

Ca ca ca crazy-azy! πŸ˜‰

Have you ever tried a fresh fig?
If so, what’s your favorite way to eat them?

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36 Responses to Figalicious!

  1. Woah that looks AMAZING!!

    Figtabulous! Figamazing! Figreat!

    I love figs wraped in smoked ham. Or caramelized and topped on a sweet egg scramble. Hmm.

  3. Rofl! Oh girl, you crack me up big time… which is why I can forgive you for making me drool all over myself. I’m not going to lie – I didn’t like fresh figs the few times I tried them – BUT, I think that’s because I just tried to eat them on their own and found them to taste almost like lettuce? I think tossing ’em in a salad with some cheese and [ah-mazing] dressing would definitely improve the deliciousness factor though.

    And yes… I’ll probably be singing this for the rest of the day…

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      No worries, I felt the same way when I tried them for the first time a couple of years ago…I just couldn’t see what all the hype was about! But you really have to pair them with other foods that help to enhance their flavors…salty cheese or meats, honey and nuts, or pumpkin are all really good!

      And yes, mission accomplished! Ta ta ta tasty with cheese-ay!! πŸ˜‰

  4. FIGS! It’s pretty hard to find decent fresh ones in these wild, desolate parts of Canada. (I live in a city, hahha) They always look & taste like they’ve been battered. But, I love em on pizza.

  5. Reading your posts always make me smile and laugh, Heather.

    I love figs in salads, they work so well with goats cheese and honey. Om nom nom.

  6. Have you ever tried quick-pickling your onions? I put pickled onions on a salad a couple weeks ago and they were a huge hit! I used this recipe for them – so easy too:

  7. Bring me some figgy salad!!! I love fresh figs. They are so good with salty cheese, bacon… baked into scones… mmmm…

  8. I sang that entire thing in my head. So, so figalicious. And YES, I love fresh figs, especially in salads. Especially with cheezies.

  9. Oh my god, you are hilarious. And now I want to try figs with cheezies. I don’t find them too often around here, but I like them in my oatmeal once in a while!

  10. You are hilarious. I love you. (And thanks for reminding me I haven’t written a foodie song for my blog in AGES…)

    I was spoiled when I worked at Central Market in Texas because it was during fig season, and I got to taste ALL of them…Tiger Stripe were the prettiest, although I must say I really love the ‘standard’ Brown Turkeys.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Brown Turkeys are my favorite too, but well, I’ve only been able to try like four different kinds! Tiger Stripe sounds so cool…I’m totally gonna Google that! πŸ˜‰

  11. Eric says:

    Na na na na, na na na
    Na na na, na na na

    Gettin’ figgy with it!

  12. calee says:

    I’m tellin ya…. FEDEX.

    Actually, will figs be in season at the end of october/

  13. I’m determined to get my hand on some figs! You’re killing me with all these posts haha. I’ve just discovered my love for figs and it’s just extremely hard for me to get my hands on them. I MUST make this salad! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ And I’m always up for a little “remix” as well haha.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh girl, I hope you find you some soon! I usually get pretty lucky (or at least I did last year) and Publix stocks them up until like late October, but I know a lot of places are already out of them by now! πŸ™ If all else fails, you could always go with the dried figs, but I just love the juiciness of the fresh ones!

  14. I just tried my first fig less than a year ago. I had missing out!! Love the idea of simply adding them to a salad. πŸ™‚

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      The first time I tried them, I wasn’t a huge fan (and really didn’t know what to do with them), but I gave them another go last summer and I was in LOVE! And I swear they go with anything…not sure what I was so hesitant about years ago!

  15. LOL I’m dying here! How long did it even take you to come up with that?

    I love fresh figs on pizza with blue cheese (or any kind of cheese, really), prosciutto, and caramelized onions. It’s the most heavenly combination ever!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I have yet to try that combo on a pizza…that might have to happen after I get back from vacation next week! And believe it or not, it only took me about an hour to come up with this! That’s like a FRACTION of the time it normally takes me to write a post! 😯 Lol

  16. We actually have a fig tree in the backyard of our new house! I am so excited to harvest them once they’re ripe.
    One of my favorite ways to eat figs is to slice them and put them into a grilled cheese sandwich with goat cheese.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh my gosh, you lucky DUCK!! I would seriously kill to have a fig tree in my backyard! Mmm, melty goat cheese and fig sandwiches…HEAVEN!

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  18. Grilled cheese and basil sandwiches are the best! And blueberries and pb sandwich sounds awesome!

  19. You are figalicious. That is all.

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