Do Rei “ME”!!

Happy Monday to all my sweets!

You know what? It’s been more than a few WEEKS since I’ve linked up with Meghan and her “FEETS”! Last week, it was all about the serious speak, but today, I think it’s time to start listing some deets…


  And hey, if it all rhymed, wouldn’t that be kinda neat? Oh c’mon, I know I can’t be the only easily amused word freak! 😉

WorkoutsSo first up, I got on my feet and OFF my seat!

Oh yeah! I made it to the gym FOUR days last week and on Wednesday, since the weather was fan-freakin-tabulous, I headed down to my favorite park for some ralking
(reading + walking = Webster, get on that!).

I’ll admit, I had a few days where I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m mixing things up so I can find a good groove, but mostly I’ve been sticking to some light cardio warm ups followed by 20-30 minutes of free weights/machines/body weight exercises. I attempted some lower body moves one day that didn’t really work out so well, but other than that, I’d say it’s going well! I may or may not have made a point to complain to my coworkers about being sore JUST so I could tell them it was because I worked out! 😉

Granola FailThen there was a minor kitchen defeat…

On Wednesday, in an attempt to surprise my foodie pen pal with a homemade treat, I decided to whip up  burn the HELL out of some granola. Unfortunately, my little snafu prevented me from sending her package off a day early (which would have been a tiny victory for this procrastinator!)

Almond Joy GranolaBut luckily, there was a victory that turned out really frickin’ SWEET!

Recipe coming soon!

Essie Sunday FundayThere were a few moments of peace…

Much needed “me time” complete with a self-manicure, Netflix marathoning, the aforementioned “ralk” and TWELVE HOURS of sleep on Thursday night…
thank you Hay-Seuss! 😉

The Woodlands Indian RestaurantAnd some lunch without meat!

After raving about this vegetarian lunch buffet for months now, the man-friend finally got a chance to introduce me to The Woodlands Indian Restaurant. It was only my second time trying Indian food so I was excited to try a little bit of everything. I’m not a big fan of rice, but there were plenty of other selections that were incredible! They had a Mongolian cauliflower dish (the red stuff on the right side of the plate) that was to die for!


There were laughs with two girls who could never be beat!

BBQ Plate

At a party where we were served QUITE the feast…

Let’s hear it for the deviled eggs, right Sam? 😉

BBQ Dessert

Complete with some little treats…

Baby Feet

But my favorite part had to be the baby feets! 😀

And last, but certainly not LEAST, for yesterday, all the negative self thoughts came to a cease…I looked in the mirror and all I saw was ME!

SwimsuitsAnd I ended up indulging in a bit of a shopping SPREE!!

First store (I heart Khol’s), not one piece over twelve bucks, and I ended up with TWO (and a half) suits that fit quite nicely, play up the “girls”, and if I should go so far, make me feel kinda sexy! 😀

Tell me something from YOUR week…bonus points if you make it rhyme!

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