What I FORGOT I Ate Wednesday

Hey guys!

And happy “Show Us Your Food” day…otherwise known as everyone’s favorite foodie linkup…otherwise known assssssssss…


Haha, I said ass! 

It’s no secret, I take a LOT of pictures of my food. Honestly, whenever the man-friend and I are out and I DON’T take a picture, he looks over at me, cocks his head to the side, and then slowly…slooooowly takes a bite. Hey, I do what I can to keep up the excitement in our relationship! 😉

So, while I’m in Florida this week, relaxing on the beach in one of my schmexy new swimsuits, getting my fill of fresh seafood, and doing my best to keep the man-friend on his toes, allow me to share with you some eats from a few new-to-me restaurants I’ve visited lately that I maybe kinda sorta forgot to tell you guys about #bloggerfail…

First up: The Wild Hare

A quaint little restaurant serving up an eclectic menu fit for meat-eaters and lettuce-lovers alike. They serve anything from wood-fired pizzas to deviled eggs to spicy greens and use only fresh and LOCAL ingredients!

The Wild Hare Fried Green TomatoesWe started out with an appetizer of fried green tomatoes and since it was late and they only had a few slices left, we got them for FREE!

I think Sarah would agree, #freefoodjusttastesbetter 😉

For our entrees, I ordered the Quinoa and Fried Avocado Tacos…

The Wild Hare Avocado Tacos

Along with a drink that was a mix of red wine and some kind of juice…kinda like a sangria only not as good! Haha! While I didn’t really love my drink, I thought the tacos were AMAZING! The fried avocado warm and silky smooth with a little bit crunch thanks to breading and the mole sauce they served with it was incredible!

The man-friend went with the Wild Hare Burger with HOUSE-MADE PICKLES and fries…

The Wild Hare Burger & Fries

And a drink that was MUCH better than mine…gingery-orangey goodness! I may or may not have drank half of it for him. 😉 The pickles were a thing of perfection as were the fries…crispy with some great seasoning sprinkled on top!

I was totally stuffed after my tacos, half the man-friend’s drink, and a handful of ninja’d fries (WHY does he put up with me?!), but when we spotted PEANUT BUTTER PIE on the menu, neither of us could resist…

The Wild Hare Peanut Butter Pie#sexonaplate

Like seriously, lip-smacking, fork-licking, When Harry Met Sally deli scene good!

Next: Sushi Train
A totally new concept for me: You are seated at a table next to a conveyor belt…on the belt rides different colored plates of sushi, sashimi, mixed salads, and desserts (each color represents a certain price)…if you see something you like, you just pluck it up off the belt and go to town!

Sushi TrainAnd I was kinda lovin’ the futuristic-ish decor! #beammeupscottie 😉

I had a SERIOUS craving, so we ordered some summer rolls to get started…

Sushi Train Summer Rolls

Only they didn’t come out until after we’d already started sushi-picking so they ended up going home with me instead (lettuce, mango, crabstick, and basil…and that sauce was
SO good!)

As for our plates…

Sushi Train PlatesCrab salad x 2 (oh yeah, that’s not a duplicated photo…it was THAT good!), eel roll, black pepper tuna roll, fried “mystery roll”, tuna nigiri, salmon & avocado roll, tuna & asparagus roll with masago, and an apple radish salad

Wow, I can’t believe I remember all of that! 😯

And then of course, no sushi meal is complete without the reading of the fortune cookies!

Sushi Train Fortune Cookies#inbed 😆

And Lastly: Sam & Zoe’s
A quaint little coffee and sandwich shop that’s like seriously in the man-friend’s backyard. We’ve talked about going there before and well, any place that has a PB, honey and granola wrap on their menu, definitely piques my interest! Oh and get this, it’s on HEATHER PLACE…how cool is that?! #easilyamused

But the man-friend was not my dining companion on this day…


This gorgeous lady was! #gunshow 😉

After gabbing for nearly 30 minutes, catching each other up on recent happenings, Allie and I FINALLY made our way up to the counter to order some grub! Although we were meeting for lunch, it was a gloomy and rainy day outside and both of us were needing comfort food.

Enter breakfast! 

After spotting the Breakfast Burger on the menu, I knew it had to be mine and it did NOT disappoint!

Sam & Zoe's Breakfast Burger

Veggie Sausage, spicy mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar AND swiss!

Omg, #getinmymouth! Hands down, the best non-meat to ever cross my lips #thatsNOTwhatshesaid and the soft seedy bread was sweet carby perfection! And that is what I ‘wiched on a Saturday! 😉

Allie went with a trusty favorite…

Sam & Zoe's OatmealMade-to-order (and SERIOUSLY THICK) oats with cinnamon, raisins, and peanut butter on the side. 

Of all the places I’ve ever eaten breakfast, I’ve never thought to order oatmeal, since I  figure I could just as easily make it at home, but I think I’ll have to go back for some of this!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten from a restaurant lately?

Anyone else, besides Carly and me, constantly think in #hashtags? 😉

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