The Secret’s OUT!

I’ve always been pretty good at keeping secrets.

And I don’t mean the one (or two) that just happen to be proof of my early onset Alzheimer’s kicking in! No, I mean the real JUICY ones…yep, I’m practically a vault! Like I would NEVER tell my friend Tiffany’s husband that she thinks his new mustache makes him look like a 70’s porn star…8O

I mean, err…uhh…some secrets were just meant to be told, like…

The secret to the PERFECT sandwich:

Greek Sandwich

Seedy (preservative-free, only has 8 squeaky clean ingredients) bread from Publix bakery…and sprouts…ALWAYS sprouts!

The secret to getting ALL the attention on you in the middle of a crowded food aisle in TJ Maxx:

Truffle Butter & Glaze

Mother #@&#$%# TRUFFLE!!!!

The secret to using up leftovers slash riding the fridge of half its contents:

Leftover Steak Salad with Truffle GlazeA salad the size of a small child…oh and cover that baby in truffle glaze while you’re at it! 😉

The secret to preventing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness):


Stretching followed by at least 15 SUPER sweaty minutes in the sauna and LOTS of water…obnoxious selfie optional.

The secret to taking obnoxious selfies at the gym WITHOUT getting caught with that awkward “I wasn’t just taking a picture of myself” look on your face:

Workout Gym SelfieHandicap bathroom stall, baby!

The secret to calorie-free indulgence:

Philosophy Lip GlossPhilosophy’s mouth-watering lip glosses…bonus points if you find them on sale at TJ Maxx (LOOK, I bought something other than food and workout clothes! ;))

The secret to the perfect light bounce for food photography (as so many of you requested in the comments of Monday’s post):

Raspberry Peach & Basil Salsa Behind the ScenesOne 3-ringed binder wrapped in aluminum foil (dull side out)!

The secret to {foodie} happiness:

Pumpkin Spice M&M's

Surely to GOD has to be within these candy-coated balls of goodness! Has anyone tried them?! I may not be ready for fall yet, but I have GOT to have these!

What secret are you willing to share today?

Have you jumped on the pumpkin ALL THE THINGS train yet? 😉

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