That Week I Went MIA

Hey there, my little punkins!

Wait, can I call you punkins in the middle of June…sugar pies?? Does adding a term of endearment make up for the fact that I totally disappeared on you last week?

To be perfectly honest, I had no intention of posting until Thursday, but then wouldn’t you know, things got all sorts of crazy busy and there just wasn’t any time. After that, my “weekend” started and well, I needed to just check out. After having some time to relax AND reading through the amazing and heartfelt comments on Monday’s post, I’m feeling a bit renewed, grateful, and humbled.

But enough of the sappiness, how about a little review?


What better way to catch you guys up on the past seven days than by joining in with Meghan’s Week in Review? Woo hoo! I’m excited! Are you excited? You should be! 😉

Monday was a day for nurturing.

Garmin Walk

The morning afternoon started with a nice long walk to clear my head…and when I say clear my head, I mean sweat every last thought out of my brain! Yeah, it was a bit…hot! The rest of the day was spent working (blah), texting with good friend who helped give me a bit of perspective, and getting a much-needed refresher by rereading some of the key points in Intuitive Eating (review coming soon!).

Tuesday was a day for enlightenment.

I had my bi-weekly phone call with Jamie while I walked around the park. I had my Garmin on me, but it died after about 15 minutes…not that I need it for the numbers or anything, but there were points during our conversation that I KNOW I must’ve been truckin’, because I had to stop and catch my breath a few times! Ha! We went over a LOT of things and I had several “ah ha” moments that I’ve felt I’ve been needing for so long.

Then I had an “ahhhhh” moment with this little guy…

Blueberry Watermelon Mint Smoothie

A creamy, slushy, mouth-watering Blueberry Watermelon Mint Smoothie!

Recipe coming soon!

Wednesday was a day for a change.


I woke up to temperatures in the high 90’s so instead of going for my usual park walks, I decided to head to the air conditioner gym…once I got there, I actually felt like playing around with some weights…so I did…and I took an awkward picture! 😉

Then I came home and made the best freakin salad EVER!

Best Freakin Salad EVER!

My beloved red carrots, squash, blue cheese, strawberries, cucumber, and hard-boiled egg on a bed of romaine and Russian kale. Drizzled with a bit of balsamic dressing, I was in absolute HEAVEN!

Seriously, gorgonzola and strawberries were meant to be!!

Thursday was a day for recharging.


I drove out to Paris, TN and had a little over 24 hours with my mama all to myself. We talked, we relaxed, we soaked (a little too much) in the sun, and shared PLENTY of delicious eats. It was definitely the getaway that I needed.

Friday was a day for reconnecting.

After lounging around the camper a bit more with my mom, I headed home, showered, and made dinner while I waited for the man-friend to arrive.

Mexican Lasagna

I call it, Throw a Week’s Worth of Farmers Market Veggies in a Pan and Add Cheese…you can call it Vegetarian Mexican Lasagna…either way, it’s still delicious and I have to say, it felt sooooo good to cook again!

Recipe coming soon!

Popcorn & Wine

The rest of the night was spent playing with our new popcorn maker, drinking too much wine (ok, maybe that was just me), chatting, and cuddling on the couch while watching this movie…everything was great, except for the movie and the slight hangover I had the next day! 😉

Oh and I also guest posted over on Lucie’s blog…did you see it??

Saturday was a day for therapy.

Farmers Market Haul

Farmers market therapy…

Retail Therapy

Retail therapy (I’m not even telling you how long we spent in Sams!)…


Chocolate (and caramel and peanut butter) therapy 😉 …

And finally, some good ol’ fashioned afternoon nap therapy!

Although I’m willing to bet it was my magical cup of fro-yo, I’m guessing all that therapy combined (or mayyyyyybe just the nap) was just what the doctor ordered, because…

Sunday was a day for getting shit done!

DVD Rack & Grass

Before the man-(who at this point, we ALL know is more than just a)friend 😉 headed back to his place, I helped watched him hang my IKEA DVD racks that we purchased back in JANUARY (oops?) and then I not only mowed the lawn, but I dropped off the recycling, cleaned the garage, and got nice and sweaty before I whipped up one of these…

Blueberry Protein Ice Cream

Blueberry Protein Ice Cream…

Yep you guessed it, recipe coming SOON! 😉

So tell me, what’s been going on with YOU?! How are you relaxing? What’s the last thing you bought? How’s the weather? Anyone else knocking back frozen treats with a vengeance?

And oh yeah, what recipe should I post first??

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