Currently: October

Hey guys and Happy Halloween!

Even better if the bacon is IN the vodka…I’m sure Laura would approve of this!

But seriously, I hope you all have a fun AND safe holiday…since it’s the end of the month (how the hell did that happen so fast?!), it’s time for another round of Currentlies…currentli?…umm, things I’ve been obsessing over for the last thirty-one days!

Current Book:


I actually JUST finished reading the Gifts of Imperfection last night (after two days of page-flying while walking around my neighborhood…oh yeah, Heather’s got skills!) and, this is one of the BEST books I’ve ever read. I have to say the first half was hard to get into, especially since some of the points were uncomfortable for me (read: hit too close to home), but after I sucked it up and got over myself, I LOVED it!

Current Music:

I wasn’t a fan of it the first half-dozen times it came on the radio, but this song has really grown on me…even though I have no idea what she’s talking about! Ha! But seriously, can you believe this girl’s only SIXTEEN!?

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Tuckers Crackers Big Lots Buying more things to stuff in my pantry while I keep TRYING to clean it out! For the record, it was THE MAN-FRIEND’S idea to go to Big Lots last weekend…therefore I am not to be held accountable for these crackers (that I obviously had to get one of each flavor) coming home with me along with my bargain wall art!

Current Nail Color:

 Still sporting some pitiful-looking digits but I think they’re finally starting to grow and should be worthy of festive fall color soon…somebody please come give me this turkey manicure!

Current Drink:

Ok, so I know I’m a bit late to the game on this one, but WHY did no one bother to tell me about the insane deliciousness that is LaCroix sparking water?! I wasn’t too impressed with the lemon or lime, but the orang, grapefruit, and peach pear are INSANE…and now I’ve GOT to get my hands on the coconut one!

Current Food:

Sweet Potato

Pretty sure last night’s dinner epitomizes my latest food obsessions: sweet potato with cinnamon, Greek yogurt, healthy chocolate sauce (cocoa power + water + stevia), and a fistful of homemade crack trail mix!

Current Favorite Show:

Of course, I’m still staying true to my girl Zooey, but I have to say I was jumping for joy (quite literally) when I spotted new episodes of Switched at Birth on the man-friend’s Netflix que…and even happier that he volunteered to watch it with me sit next to me on the couch and play on Facebook! 😉

Current Wish List:

A scanner…or for someone techy to come over and wave a magic wand floppy disk? over my printer/scanner and make it work with my Mac! I got it back in 2005 (which I know, is like 4000 years ago in computer years) and used the scanning feature ONCE with my old PC but now I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to work…and I have like four hundred and thirty-seven old pics that I want to share on the blog, but can’t!

Current Needs:

It’s been a week and I’m going through man-friend hug withdrawals, but lucky for me, I’ll be seeing him later tonight because I got someone to take my call! Woop woop!

Current Triumphs:

Nut Butter Jars

Making my nut butter collection my b!tch! More on that tomorrow! 😉

Current Bane of Existence:

My body…I fully believe, with every ounce of my being, that my warranty has indeed expired. If it’s not my knee, then it’s my hip, or my back, or my head…oh my god, just shoot me and carry me off to the glue factory already!

Current Celebrity Crush:

I didn’t have anyone in mind this month, that is until Arman plastered Mr. Magic Abs all over his blog the other day…mmm, Tatum Channing Channing Tatum…please tell me I’m not the only one who gets confused!


So I can’t even BEGIN to tell you what this picture does for me…yeah, I think I’m going through a bit more than hug withdrawals…if ya know what I mean!

Current Indulgence:


Yes, again! Please note the above statement on body warranty…consider this my monthly tune up! Believe me, when the masseuse looks at you after the session like he just ran over your dog, you KNOW you were in desperate need!

Current Blessing:

The fact, even though I JUST had a massage less than two weeks ago, that I can AFFORD to indulge myself with little treats like this…because Lord knows it does wonders for my mind, body, AND soul!

Current Slang:

 I called my girl Melissa a crazy CRACKER the other day…but for good reason…check out what she did with these Ritz…0h my @$(^%@@$, right?

Current Outfit:

Me-Halloween Scrubs

Recycled pic (my hair is ALMOST that long again!), but hey, Halloween only comes once a year so I have to make the most out of my festive little scrub top!

Current Excitement:

Yesterday’s workout…scrubbing the tub/shower on my hands and knees. I know, I know…why in the hell would I be excited about that? Well, it’s because I’m getting visitors! This weekend I will have not only open my home to one crazy cracker but also my ginger twin too! Gahhhh!

Current Link:

Did you catch the guest post I did for my blend, Amanda? If not, you should tooooootally check it out…because it took me FOREVER to type AND there’s some good tips/advice/insight from me about blogging!

Current Mood:

Surprised…I just finished this post in UNDER two hours! 😯

What is your current guilty pleasure?

Favorite song?

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