Marvelous Minutes

Happy Monday, kiddos!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Although mine was pretty low-key, I have to say that nearly every MINUTE was jam-packed with MARVELOUSNESS!

2040 minutes…


Of sweet delicious slumber acquired in four days 😀

5 minutes…

Spinach & Chicken Roll with Cheese

Spent trying to decide what to order for lunch at Joey’s House of Pizza UNTIL I spotted this roll of carby, cheesy, spinach, chicken, and olive-y goodness!

9356256 minutes…

Gladiator Pizza

Of the man-friend’s life shaved off after finishing a slice of “Gladiator” Pie 😉

15 minutes…

Airplane Wing Table

Spent oogling over this airplane wing table I spotted at a salvage market…until I then spotted the $500 pricetag 😯

12 minutes…


Of Home Depot aisle-cruising with the man-friend before I got bored and started taking more narcissistic selfies.

30 minutes…

Treadmill Walk

Of PAIN-FREE treadmill walking at the gym Saturday afternoon.

60 minutes…


Of pure, drool-on-myself bliss Saturday night.

20 minutes…

TemperatureSpent hovering over the thermostat at different times yesterday trying to decide wether or not to turn the heat on.

For the record, my stubborn self decided to pull the electric blanket out instead! 😉

15 minutes…

Pancake Fail

Taken to prepare my latest and greatest pancake creation FAIL!

3 minutes…

Pancake Fail with Peanut ButterBefore this entire plate was licked clean!

*peanut butter and chocolate sauce fixes everything!

MIMMAs always, a big shout out to the lovely lady who makes Mondays a bit more bearable…and as always, the alliteration award goes to the author! 😆

How did you spend YOUR minutes this weekend?

Anyone else out there refusing to turn on the heat?
Hey, just another alternative to exercise, right Carly? 😉


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