Fallout Friday



To say it’s been “one of those weeks” would be a serious understatement. Nearly EVERY HOUR of my ten-hour shifts for the last four days has been CRAY-ZEEEEEE! Luckily, it’s all behind me now and I’ve already got the weekend off to a good start. Since technically my Friday is Thursday and that’s when I’m typing up this post (did you follow that?)…

I made sure to CELEBRATE!

After a WEEK of pissing myself off with my incessant shivering, I caved and turned on the mother-frickin heat! I may be a bit bitter, but at least I’m warm now! 😉

I gave myself permission to sleep WITHOUT setting my alarm and didn’t wake up until 4pm…after going to sleep at 8am.

And instead of feeling guilty for not setting foot my fine ass in the gym all week, I laced up my sneakers, picked up my camera, annnnnd…headed to the park!

Fall Walk in the Park - SkyFall Walk in the Park - FeetFall Walk in the Park - WaterFall Walk in the Park - Creek & LeafFall Walk in the Park - EvergreenFall Walk in the Park - BridgeFall Walk in the Park - Yellow LeafFall Walk in the Park - Red Leaf

Confession: When I saw this leaf, I actually said, “ohhhhh preeeeeetty”! 😉

I stayed out until my hands were so cold it was hard to press the shutter release, came home, made a cup of tea the size of my FACE, whipped up some Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oat Bran, slapped that shit in a near-empty jar of crack (both sad and happy times), curled up on the couch, typed this post, and hit publish all before 9pm…bedtime!

Yes, that means I was only awake for five hours.

But I don’t know you guys…I feel like I might be coming down with something…I mean, do I look a little pale to you?

Me - Zombie 1

I think I may need to go to the doctor. My left eye is sort of getting fuzzy and…

Me - Zombie 2

I keep getting this weird taste in my mouth…

Me - ZombifiedFor BRAAAAAAAAINS!

Not as good as last year, but damn you Pic Monkey for charging for all the good stuff now…boo hiss…or should I say “gaaarrrrghhhh”?

Any big plans for the weekend?
If I’m feeling any better 😉 , I plan on meeting my two besties for dinner and drinks tonight!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going as?
I’m on call so just wish me luck I’m not zombie-ing it up at the hospital that night!

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