Confessions & Contradictions

High School Reunion

I’m an EXTROVERTED introvert.

I’ve always thought I was pretty outgoing and spunky…therefore considering myself an extrovert, but when I saw this graphic on Meghan’s blog last week, I couldn’t help but identify with BOTH sides.

Introverts vs Extroverts


While I’ll admit to loving being the center of attention in any way possible – laugh with me, hug me, kiss me, throw money at me – I also have a strong need for my own space, time to do things at my own pace, and don’t interrupt me…or I’ll club you with my mace!

Sorry, I had to! 😉

Broken Bowl

I’m a total CLUTZ with CAT-LIKE reflexes.

I may walk into door jams, trip over my own feet, and knock things over on a pretty regular basis, but on most occasions (including a specifically impressive one yesterday involving a glass tumbling off the counter), I have a quick hand and can catch things  falling in mid-air! All that unfortunately doesn’t help in situations of mere stupidity…like turning one of my FAVORITE new bowls upside down and “thumping” it on the table in order to pry out the Almond Joy Breakfast Cookie inside…womp womp! 🙁

To Do List

I’m a NEAT FREAK with a CLUTTERED mind.

It’s no secret, I like things clean and organized…a place for everything and everything in it’s place…but only on the outside. As much as I would like to have things neat and tidy in my head, I am a total scatterbrain! I have so many things going on in there at once that I swear if I have a thought and don’t grab a pen and write it down in five seconds or less, it’ll be lost forever! And heaven forbid I sit that piece of paper down because in five minutes I’ll have forgotten where I put it!

Nut Butter Jars

I’m a HOARDER who likes to REDUCE.

It can be food or it can be lotions and body sprays from Bath & Body Works…for some reason, I can never keep myself from storing in excess. But with that being said, I also get this great sense of satisfaction when I finish something and get to throw away (or repurpose) the container. Oh and sometimes I just get on random clutter claustrophobia episodes and start getting rid of stuff left and right…kinda like when I sold my kitchen table five months ago and still have an empty kitchen! Oops?

Pina Colada Protein Pancakes

I’m a FOODIE who doesn’t want to talk food.

Sorry to tease you guys, but I just wanted to prove that I DID in fact have a recipe to share for Pancake Sunday, but I don’t know…I just don’t feel like talking about it. Actually, I’ve been sort of unmotivated lately on the food front and honestly, I think it has a lot to do with my to-do list up there…and the fact that I’m not sleeping well again. The recipe is typed but the pictures are nowhere near ready for sharing and well, I have emails from THREE weeks ago I’ve yet to respond to, laundry that needs done, hair that needs cut, continuing education credits that need to be thrown in the trash completing, grass that needs mowing, and the last time I checked, Elvira couldn’t change her own oil!

Wow, complain much?

Sorry…guess I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. And tired. Forgive me? I’m fresh out of cookies, but I’ll do my best to get these cakes to you next Sunday! 😀

And last but not least…

I’m a DOG person who owns a CAT!

Seriously, Amanda shared the first one of these videos a couple of weeks ago, but this one is even funnier…and SO true!

Do you contradict yourself? In what way?

Are you a cat or a dog person?

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