Thoughts on Feeling Guilty

When I say “bad” foods,

What are the first things to come to your mind?

Are there any foods you restrict solely because you feel you lack the willpower needed to stop eating once you start?

If you DO allow yourself to have that food and you DO overeat,
how do you react?

Do you box up the culprit and hide it away somewhere?

Do you swear to have more self-control next time?

Guilty Me

Do you feel…guilty?

We all have them…foods we don’t necessarily trust ourselves with. I, for one, have a lot of them: cereal, granola, cookies, hummus, crackers, nut butter, pretzels…


Basically, anything I have ever referred to as “crack” here on the blog!

On the surface, it may seem like just another joke, but deep down, I really have a problem when faced with certain foods. And it’s something I’ve been working on since I committed to becoming an intuitive eater. In the past, I have restricted these foods…they’ve been hidden, thrown in the trash, and well, I already confessed the pre-meditated murder of
Mr. Sweet Potato Butter. 😉

But the more I denied the food, the more novelty it gained. So, whenever I DID allow myself to have the item, it was like,

“Aww, hell…GAME ON!!”

Crumbs on my face, a tummy ache, and one guilty Heather later…
I was right back where I started. 🙁

A lot of you have mentioned/joked/honestly confessed that you believe if you began a journey in intuitive eating, “essentially” eating whatever you want whenever you want it, that you would basically binge on all of your “bad” foods.

Well, I came up with a solution to that problem!

Enter “CRACK” pretzels stage right:

Pretzel Oats

Enjoy those “forbidden” foods in smaller portions….

Peanut Flour Smoothie

Incorporate them into meals where they’re flavor is highlighted but not the
star of the show….


Savor each and every bite…

Arctic Zero

Until one day, you realize it is JUST another food and has absolutely NO POWER
over you!

And if, say, three weeks into your intuitive eating journey, you are surprised with a gift of a different brand of “crack” from a certain beautiful blonde Swiss and then proceed to KILL a quarter of the jar in less than a day…

Pretzels & OvomaltineJust stop, take a deep breath, and remember this:

We are human.

We make mistakes.

You’re still learning.

And today is a NEW day!

If you want to feel guilty, feel guilty about not calling your mom today…about forgetting your friend’s birthday…about not taking the time to stop and smell the roses…but do NOT waste your time feeling guilty about food.

Actually, wait…don’t feel guilty about ANY of that!

Call your mom right now…buy a BELATED birthday card (and a bottle of wine…boozed up friends are quicker to forgive)…and bury your nose so deep in that rose you end up snorting a ladybug! 😉

Because life is just too damn short for guilt…


Special thanks to Meg, Melissa, Ashley, and my IE Coach, Jamie for reminding me that guilt is a wasted emotion based on judgement of ourselves and judgement does not serve us in any positive way WHATSOEVER!

What are some of your “bad” foods?

What guilt will you throw away today to free your time for more positive self-loving thoughts?

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