Confessions of a Closet Narcissist

So yesterday…

Gym Selfie Yoga Pants

I went to the gym! πŸ˜€

For the first time in over a MONTH might I add, but that’s not the point…the POINT is that while AT the gym stretching before my workout, I looked over and saw this…

Gym Selfie Yoga Pants BootyHello, BOOTY! 😯

I then proceeded to take about five minutes to get a picture with the perfect arm placement, leg movement, and back arch needed to fully showcase this fun little find.

Later, I was walking on the treadmill, totally engrossed in my book, when one of my trainer friends (whom I know only from taking her Body Pump class) came up and said, “Hey girl! It’s good to see you again! Look at you, looking all skinny! I’m so jealous” to which I responded, “Ugh, not really…actually I’ve gained some weight…black is just my color.” *insert weak laugh here*

Um, WHY did I say that?! ESPECIALLY after hosting a freakin’ selfie photo shoot not ten minutes before that?!

After reading both Lindsay’s and Laura’s posts on giving and receiving compliments last week, I commented that I was better now about accepting compliments than I used to be because I know that when I compliment somebody, I truly mean it and I would hate someone to disregard a compliment from me. But while I was working out, I started thinking more and more about my sudden dismissive response…

Why do we find it hard to accept compliments these days? Is it because we live in a society where we put everyone’s needs before our own and it’s basically considered selfish to love ourselves? TheΒ definition of narcissism does not actually impart a negative connotation…that’s just something we’ve attached to it over the years.

So today, I say to hell with what’s right/wrong/culturally acceptable…I may not love every aspect of my body, but you know what? I may not have squats and dead lifts to thank, but I’m kinda lovin’ the junk I’ve recently acquired in ma’ trunk, AND a few other things as well!

I CONFESS that I love…

Selfie Julia Roberts Hair

My wild Julia Roberts-esque hair…

Now to figure out how to affix a fire-escape to the side of my one story house!

Selfie Dimples

My dimples…

Selfie Duck Face

My duck face full lips…

Selfie Eyes

My green eyes…which I’ve finally discovered how to magnify with purple eyeliner!

Note: I think I look a lot like my mama in this picture! πŸ˜‰

Selfie TJ Maxx

My shoulders and collar bones…

My boobs (sorry, no picture for that one) but hey, I was a late bloomer so those are TOTALLY going on the list! πŸ˜‰ And…

Gym Selfie

Did I mention my FINE derriere?

May I also confess that these are only HALF of the selfies I’ve taken over the last month…I cannot resist the urge to look at myself when I pass by reflective surfaces (windows, doors, mud puddles)…and mayyyyyybe the main reason I wear yoga pants around the man-friend so much is because I know that he likes them…like reeeeeeeeeeally likes them! πŸ˜‰

‘Fess up! What three things do you love about your body?

Do you find it hard to accept compliments? Why?

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